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NOTD: Icing Let's Tango

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a grey weekend around here. The sun managed to peek out like 5 seconds and went hiding behind the clouds again. So the colour I picked to pain my nails with seemed to be appropriate.

This is Let's Tango, one of the two nail polishes from Icing that I own, a sweet cute shade of orange.

I was itching to try the new China Glaze bottles I got from Sally's, so I painted Cleopatra, a bronze glitter in clear base, on the tips of the nails in V shapes. Too bad the camera couldn't pick up the glitters on my nails, but you can see how they showed inside the bottle.

Cleopatra really is amazing. The glitters are very very dense and cover the nail areas like nothing else. I also have China Glaze Golden Enchantment that I used in a NOTD with For Audrey before, with very fine scattered gold glitters. Cleopatra, however, is intense, packed with lots of multi-coloured glitters which shine differently depending on the angle you look. So I'd say depending on the occasion, you can pick between these 2 glitters for some jazz on the nails :-)

Just a note for those of you who don't know, Icing is owned by Claire's, which explains why they both carry nail polish for about CAD5/ bottle, and there are certainly a few gems in their ranges of colours. Claire's mostly serve teenagers, quite often offers 10 for $10 deals. Icing has wider range of customers, the sales (not often enough) are normally 5 for $10.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend (either with fall-ish or winter-ish weather, lol. I'll have some goodies posted tomorrow.


  1. We used to have a an Icing in my mall (I think) when I was around 10, but not anymore, only Claires, and claires doesn't carry those type of nail polishes anymore. But than orange colour is SO pretty!

    I love glitter nail polishes aswell, but they're a PITA to remove!

  2. Oh too bad your Claire's doesn't carry nail polish. They are fun, especially the 3-in-1 ones.

    Yep, the glitters are hard to remove. I soaked the cotton balls, and left them on the nails for a bit before starting rubbing. Still, a pain :-)

  3. Good to know about the glitters thank you! I have one China Glaze (Lemon something) but haven't had a chance to use it yet. How do you find it compares to OPI?

  4. I can't compare ChG and OPI, just because I don't own any OPI. I'm very happy with ChG, and they cost me half of what I'd have paid for OPI (not mentioning sales), so I'm sold.