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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So I certainly made my way to Lawton for their BOGO deal on Milani. I have been eyeing the shadows for a long time, waiting for a sale. I didn't think they would be BOGO ever, but it happened this week :-)

Here are the Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows. I was excited to see all 10 palette options were there, but then found it hard to pick :-)

What came home with me are:
Top row, from L-R:
- 02 Fashionista Pink - different shades of pink including the highlight shade at the very top
- 05 Glamorous Gems - 1 highlight, 2 green, 1 yellow, 2 bronze shades
Second row, from L-R:
- 07 Ready To Wear - black, white and neutral shades in between
- 08 Catwalk - a perfect smoky eye palette with black, dark navy, burgundy, silver, plum and white. I couldn't pull off a smoky look just yet, but maybe one day :-)

Top row are the 2 Glimmer Stripes palettes. They are all-over colours, work as blush, bronzer or eyeshadows. The choices were limited on these, I got 08 Bronze Glimmer and 09 Terra Glimmer, the most wearable ones.

The Runway Eyes single shadows were low in stock as well. I tried to find shades that I didn't already have from Victoria's Secret Wet/Dry shadows haul, might have to try another location for better choices.

Middle row: 02 Black Out, 03 Bronze Idol
Bottom row: 04 Coffee Shop, 10 Blue Lagoon.
All of them have fine multi-coloured glitters, so if you are not a fan, be noted.

Would you guys let me know if any of Milani shades are similar to VS shades, please? It's hard to judge just by looking at them without swatching, and they didn't have tester.


  1. ahhh BOGO...must have been awesome XD
    Maybe one of our stores will follow suit eventually...cause that would be really sweet!
    anyway great haul!

  2. Lucky you! Let us know how you like the Milani products! (:

  3. I really hope more US brands will cross the border, so we can have a fair share :-)

    They are so pretty, it won't be easy to dip my brush in, I'm telling you :-)

  4. Congrats on finally getting those Milani eyeshadows. I hope they live up to your expectations. :) Have you tried them yet? What do you think?

  5. I still haven't got to them yet, too many pigments to play with :-)