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Spring Shoes accessories

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So summer has officially left the building as today is the first day of fall. While some folks in the US complain about the heat still, on the east coast we are enduring a crazy weather, winter-style kinda chill early in the mornings and late evenings. I have no idea how to dress properly for it.

In the weekend, I was at the mall. Micmac was really busy for some reason. Most stores were trying to get rid of the last batch of their summer release or to introduce new fall collections, so there were sales, obviously. I didn't buy much though.

A quick stop at Spring Shoes to check out their shoes, but I found a little sign said "extra 50% off on clearance items", so I looked, and found:

3-pack Hildebrandt knee highs originally CAD11.99, the red sticker said CAD7, paid CAD3.50.
2-pack Marseglia knee highs CAD6 (originally CAD9.99) - 1 pair with pom poms, 1 pair with lacy stringy decorative details. Paid CAD3.
The Huprich watch has black metallic look, cute details on the face, CAD14.98 (originally CAD19.99), cost me CAD7.50.
Purple gold Riblett earrings CAD6 (originally CAD7.99), came out CAD3. There were more colours on the website, but this purple was the last pair I found in store.

I hoping to pull out the boots soon, as I dreaded wearing heels in this city and have tried to put it off for a while. What is your style for fall? What are you wearing?


  1. I love fall! I can't wait to wear my winter pea coat again, and I think I'm definitely going to be buying lots of scarfs and cardigans!

  2. So many nice coats at stores right now, I'm having a hard time what to choose. But again, I need to save for it :-)

  3. OMG- you did it again! the three pairs you show on the left are EXACTLY the same pairs I got last year from Spring for going-back-to-school. In fact, right now I'm wearing the stripey grey and black with black Mary Janes, also from Spring.

  4. Lol, this town is too small to find great sales, isn't it? Good to know you enjoy them so I know I got some good buys