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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

No, not contest winners, lol. We went to Winners for its summer sale and had an awesome time. I meant to go there for clothes, surprisingly (maybe not, lol), I ended up at the cosmetics/ bath & body section first. The real surprise was I found some great makeup that I haven't seen IRL before. So let me show you what I got.

First up, the big boxes. I like the concept of being able to do different (and totally opposite) looks with one palette, and the Too Faced Naughty or Nice set might give me just that.
The Too Faced "Lights, Camera, Glamour" Make-Up Collection box could give me even more options, considering the amount of makeup it holds. Never thought I would find Too Faced around here. I don't have a Sephora store, remember?
The Sun Kissed bronzing powder, bulky packaging but has cute little prints on the packaging and on the product which sucked me in. The brand is all new to me though.

Close up pic inside the Naughty or Nice palette: 6 shadows x 1gr, and 6 lip glosses x 0.65gr. The pull out little tray has a dual ended brush (lip brush on one end and applicator on the other). This set is retailed on Too Faced website for $29.50, and I paid CAD 12.99. Appreciated the low price - something Winners is known of, for sure. For price comparison purpose for you guys in the US, Beauty Crunch has this set for $11.80. They don't ship outside US, so Canadians can't get makeup for cheap. And this is not the only site that does that. I can't tell you how many times I filled up my cart just to get turned down at check out for not being from the US.

The Makeup Collection box has a clasp on the outside, a mirror underneath the lid with 4 little bulbs that can light up (has battery compartment). So fancy. It unfolds into 3 small palettes with:
- 8 shadows x 0.94gr: 2 shades named Hollywood Ho Downs and 2 shades named Cocoa Lillys (according to the box), Fantasy Island, George&Weezie, Skinny Dip, Suzy Ho Maker
- 6 glosses x 0.9gr: Candy Apple, Cocoa Kiss, Pink Taffy (Candy Lips); Trust Fund Baby, Private Jet (Status Gloss) and an Exclusive Lip Gloss
- 2 blushes x 2.8gr: Who's Your Daddy, Lust to Love
- 1 bronzer x 2.8gr: Sun Bunny
- 1 face powder x 2.8gr
- 1 shimmer powder x 2.8gr: Snow Bunny
- 1 brow powder, 1 eyeliner powder x 1.4gr.
This box is no longer available on Too Faced or Sephora website. Beauty Crunch used to have it for $16, I paid CAD19.99.

The Sun Kissed bronzing powder was $9.99, retailed CAD20 (according to the price tag), so I guess it was half price. There is no specific brand on the package, but the company is J A Cosmetics, same one that owns Elf. I picked up this bronzer for the leopard print with pink and bronze colours. Isn't it cute? I'm skeptical about the brush, as brushes that come with products don't normally perform very well. I also question the excessive packaging just to house a regular size bronzer. I wonder whether this product line has similar quality as elf's. I might have to come back to take a closer look, as there were different palettes from J A Cosmetics on the shelf with similar packaging patterns.

Yay, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again set! I found it at the clearance section actually, for CAD7 (regular $32). Crazy right? I was so happy to spot this set, as it basically has "the best of Urban" - Midnight Cowboy shadow, Shadow Primer Potion (sample size), 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencil in Bourbon and Midnight Cowboy heavy metal glitter eyeliner.

Lip Fusion Micro-injected Collagen Lip Plump in Belle is gorgeous. It was the only there, but was in the shade that I really liked, so to home with me it went. I paid CAD6.99 for it vs. the $38 retail price. This is the second time I spotted Lip Fusion products, as I scored the Be Kissed Mini Lip Fusion set for CAD20 before.

Last but not least, the Best of Korres set! This brand is a mystery to me until last time I saw this set at Winners (for CAD20). Obviously, lots of loggers raved about it. This time, it was in clearance for CAD10 and I certainly couldn't pass it up. Imagine all the goodness: Guava Body Butter 50ml, Basil Lemon Showergel 50ml, Vanilla Cinnamon Showergel 50ml, Wild Rose Moisturizer SPF6 10ml, Evening Primrose Eye Cream SPF6 5ml and Yoghurt Cooling Gel sachet 9ml.
Note: According to Best Things in Beauty, Korres US website was just launched in July. I am disappointed again that they don't ship internationally.

For clothes, I did find some nice shirts for me and a really cute dress for Squirt. She wanted to be the flower girl in my sister's wedding, so we were looking around for a fancy dress. It wasn't in the range I normally pay for kids' clothes, but for special occasion, I guess we can splurge. I always rant that kids clothes are even more expensive than aldults'.

The whole experience at Winners took 3 hours - picking out the makeup and clothes, trying the clothes on and deciding what stayed in the cart and what went back to the racks, lol. That wasn't even the biggest Winners in town yet, lol. The damage to my credit card is pretty bad, but I'm happy with what I got.

Have a nice weekend, ladies.


  1. cute dress :P
    we didn't have the two faced, or the urban decay! cause I would have snapped those babies up QUICK! but we did have that bronzer. seriously what is up with the packaging? the one I picked up was cracking all over the place, so i thought meh, and put it back down, if its any good, maybe i will hunt it down again...
    but definitely im going to try and hunt down the urban decay...gosh thats an amazing price!

  2. Aww that dress for Squirt is cute :) I love the roses!

    You got some nice steals at Winners! I don't remember ever seeing any worthwhile makeup at their Toronto locations but maybe they've improved their selection this year.

  3. Awww, you guys liked the dress too? Thanks so much.

    Yep, check your Winners for these goodies. The shelves are always a bit messy, so make sure you dig around thoroughly. And their stock changes, so I sometimes just drop by for a quick check.

  4. That dress is so cute, I'm sure she'll feel beautiful in it!
    And wow, you got some amazing stuff, I have a winners store credit and I never got around to checking my local winners out, I guess I should now!

  5. Yeah, Winners is hit and miss. I like to peep in once in a while, to make sure I don't miss good deals. They have elf kits in my Winners too, if you are looking for some.

  6. Halifax~
    I was able to snag my own set of the UD!
    Except the extras in mine aren't THAT every day friendly.
    Got a silver shadow with chunky glitter, liner in zero, and the glitter liner was rainbow coloured! lol, wish it was like urs, then I could wear it out more like the eyeko one that I currently use~ but meh, I did want UD Zero. I do like that its blacker than MUFE, tho doesn't last as long on my waterline like MUFE does~
    but good lid liner! so i guess thats what counts.
    anyway there was only one at the location I went to, which sucked cause my friend who was with me drooled over the one that i got, and my other friend now wants one after seeing mine! lol
    gonna have to stake out some othher locations now! XD
    thx for the heads up on these babies~

  7. Yay, you found UD! Save the rainbow one for Halloween, lol. Poor your friends. Hope you can check out other Winners locations. Their stocks aren't the same everywhere for sure.

  8. Ack, you know what? I just realized that you have a different SET!
    Mine is the Best of Urban, and was 9.99...
    Would have loved it for 7, but meh, at least I snagged something :P
    And I guess its because you and I share the bargin hunting fun, that I tend to link you a lot! XD

  9. Thanks girl. It has been fun hunting around with you virtually, lol. Love it!

  10. My UD set was weird...I got the same stuff as your except my eyeshadow was Uzi (silver w/ chunky glitter), otherwise I got the bronzed eyeliner and the gold glitter liner also.

  11. Wendy, I did hear from a friend that she found the similar set as yours at her Winners. Chunky glitters are harder to work with, but UD is just a brand I can hardly resist :-)