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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Saturday is usually my shopping day, running from store to store, as my shopping list never has deals from only one single place :-) I'm all about bargains, you know, and am lucky to have an understanding bf to drive me around for all the deals I want to get. I normally go to the gym in the morning (Squirt stays in the playroom at the gym), then meet up with him to get some groceries (as the gym is right above the grocery store). After that, the fun (i.e. real shopping) begins.

Last night my mom asked me to get her one of those root touchup pens to use between her trips to the salon for colour treatment. I never died my hair before and had no idea about products in that department, so I told her I would try to search around. Today I went to Sally for a return, and browsed around while waiting for the staff. And I found Claudia Stevens Cover That Grey Temporary Touch-up Stick. There were a few colour options, but I only needed black. It set me back for CAD6.20 with Sally's Card. I was hoping to find more China Glaze, but this store just opened up beginning of April and didn't even have any new collections in yet - Summer Day, Kicks, etc. So sad!

It was $1 flipflops day at Old Navy today, lots of people were there. I was able to grab the last pair in white for me and yellow for Squirt. What left in those sad bins on the floor were black in big sizes. People were buying them in bunch. If there wasn't the limit of 5 per person, I bet you the flipflops would be gone way before I could get there. The lineup was long.

I had a great find at Winners. Until a few weeks ago when I saw a Canadian Youtuber mentioned finding Elf at Winners, I thought this store only sells clothes, silly huh?. The bath & body section today was pretty sad as always, lots of packages were torn or opened, a few pieces missing, ... not pretty. I found this little box lying lonely on and one look at the price, I was sold! This Be Kissed Mini Lip Fusion set is USD40 on and I paid CAD20 for it. So awesome! I was looking at it at Chritmas time, as suggested by Pursebuzz but didn't end up getting it. Oh, I also got myself a pair of aloe vera-infused socks and gloves. My hands and feet haven't been doing very well lately, and I really need to take better care of them. Whether this stuff works or not, time will tell, but I figured it wasn't a bad deal to get, so I did.
Another great find was Pretika's SonicDermabrasion Facial Care System that Vanessa found as a cheaper replacement of Clarisonic $195 price tag. And even better, Winners offered it for CAD13. So ladies, now you have a chance to try it out without breaking the bank. I also saw The Best of Korres box on for CAD20, but I never used this brand before, thought I should go back and check reviews before spending the money. Winners' return period is only 10 days, so I didn't want just buy it and forget to return it (if the review is bad).

Sale alert!!! Shoppers has 40% most of the Physician Formula items. And there were $6 rebate stickers on certain packaging, and a stack of $5 rebate forms right next to the shelf (good for any item, but 1 rebate per household only). As I just bought 4 Shimmer Strips (2 smokey, 2 regular) and a Concealer Stick at Zellers a few weeks back when they had 40% off, I didn't haul much today (only get the Concealer 101 Perfecting Concealer Duo) - I will probably do a review on it after I try it out. If there's something from Physician Formula that you want, make sure to get it this week with the rebate form. It was x20 Optimum points today, but I didn't feel like spending $50 (and there wasn't much to get anyway).

Another sale alert! Lawton seemed to be clearing out its Sally Hansens Lip products, as I saw lots of stuff with red stickers on (like half off). Talking about Lawton, there have been some changes in the lines they carry recently. They got rid of NYC (50% off everything a few weeks back) and embraced Milani instead. I was so excited to see the brand coming to Canada but the price is not that great (Runway Eye shadows are CAD8-9 and the nail polishes are like CAD5). I'm hoping they would go on sale some day :-)

That was it for my shopping runs today. Thanks for stopping by.


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