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Hope Quest 2009

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The very first post on this blog, I want to dedicate to a very good cause - The She
Space's Hope Quest 2009.

First, for some of you who don't know The She Space (TSS), it's a MMU (Mineral Makeup) business (About Face Cosmetics) owned by Heather. She is extremely talented in spreading her magic on many wonderful eyeshadows. Just visit the message board on her website to see what her customers think about her and her products. I came to know TSS through a friend who started me on MAC and converted me to TSS soon after. My MMU journey started with TSS last summer, and I stick around ever since, ordering quite a few LE collections. And let me tell you, Heather's love to mineral pigments is endless and therefore she cannot wait once she has an idea of a new collection. They kept popping up on the website like mushrooms after a heavy shower of rain - and I meant it in a good way, of course. I was lucky to join the "sparklecrack community" just in time for her most famous LE collection ever (Cinderella Dumped Her Fella) in July 2008. I love lots of colours from this collection and many more from later collections. Just browse around and give your eyes a treat of colours. Please don't blame me if you become one of the addicts of TSS's :-) I am waiting for the Leo collection to come out as part of Heather's Astrology collections, as a great way to give myself a birthday present.

Now on to the main topic of this post: Hope Quest 2009.

Heather has recently been informed that one of her customers took her own life. She felt that when somebody is feeling down, an act of kindness or an offer of hope might be more helpful than we could imagine. Just someone who cares.
There needs to be hope (Heather's own words). What Heather did was create a quad of 4 purple shades of shadow (her customer's favorite colour), each was specially named with the Hope theme. When a Hope Quest 2009 quad is purchased, it would come with 2 free jars of pigments that are meant to be passed along (with a little card attached). By showing someone that you care and give them a small token of hope through a beautiful purple shadow, you could save life. I am not affiliated with TSS in any way (except for being a customer) but am passing along the information, hoping some of you out there would come out and support Heather in this very thoughtful act of caring. Click here to go to Hope Quest 2009.

Thank you for stopping by.

Photo credit: The She Space


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