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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I had a busy day today, wasted lots of time waiting for the bus to get around (as my "designated driver" is away until next weekend.

I was browsing a few Shoppers to get a few things for my swap. 1 store had Quo Colour Corrector Camouflage in the Now or Never display, so I picked it up to try out.

The Cover Girl TruShine lip colour in Coral Shine looked so tempting, I couldn't resist. I never tried the TruShine line, and I'm drawn to coral shades very often, as it compliments my skin tone better.

Also found the Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Treatment on sale with a full sized bonus of the Complete Care 4-in-1 Hydrating Hand Cream, which is sold at the same price as the treatment. Not a bad deal.

I found the display of L'Oreal Bronze Gone Brazen Collection at Lawton with red stickers on (i.e. 50% off), so I grabbed the bronzer in Terra Bronze and the nail polish in Dessert Dawn which I missed from the clearance at Superstore last time. I put Safari Sunset (the darker shade) next to it for comparison.

The rest was what I found in the clearance basket - L'Oreal Color Juice Sticks in Island Punch (coral shade) and Cherry Freeze (well, cherry shade), HIP Color Rich Cream Crayons (supposed to work as shadows and liners) in Meticulous (taupe) and Intricate (blue), and a Softlips in Naughty Red. We don't have much exposure to the HIP line over here, except for the shadow duos. I've always been curious about the HIP pigments but never had a chance to even see it IRL. However, they aren't priced cheap, so I'm happy with the mineral pigments I have :-)

I was bored, so I went with a bold nail colour this weekend - the Revlon Scented when Dry Fruitful Temptations in Pretty in Papaya. 1 coat and it was opaque, very bright. I panicked, lol, so I put the chunky NYC Starry Silver Glitter on top to divert the bling.

It looked brighter IRL, and very daring. I actually surprised myself for not removing it right away. Nobody stopped me on the street today to tell me remove it either, so I guess I was doing ok.

The weather has been switching between sunny with clear sky and overcast with wind throughout the day. Hope the storm tomorrow won't be too bad.

Have a nice weekend, guys!


  1. Looks like you found some nice stuff! Whenever I read your blog, I always feel like you enable me to look around for deals which can be good (for my wallet) AND bad (for my wallet).

    And that polish is beautiful! Definitely reminds me of spring/summer. (:

  2. Wow- those are great finds!!! You have such nice nails.

    btw, my url has changed to!

  3. Arezu, I love to be an enabler, lol, but am sorry about the wallet part :-) Have you had some luck with the lottery ticket you bought at midnight?

    I'm crazy putting on such a colour, but I made it through the day with it, so yeah!!!

    Michelle, congrats on having your own domain. My nails have been cut quite short as they are so fragile recently. My finger tips hurt when I have my nails short, don't know why :-)