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Elf haul + Elf Makeup Collections

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My package from elf came in some time last week but I didn't have time to go pick it up until the weekend. It's the haul I did with the Studio Line with the 75% off code about 2 weeks ago.

As Canadian orders are always charged with $6.95 shipping plus $8 handling charge, I asked a friend to join in with the order. I didn't realize at the time, but was shocked to find out I ended up ordering only 9 items. With $.75 a piece, I had absolute no reason not to get more. Crazy!

Anyway, I got: from L-R:
Top row: Corrective Concealer palette, Shimmering palette, mini Eyelash Curler
Second row: Warm Bronzer, Complexion Perfection, Eyebrow kit
Brushes: flat top Powder brush and 2 Eyeshadow C brushes.

This is a picture of them without the paper boxes. I am very happy to see the good quality and sleek packaging (again, nothing spells cheap or crappy). The colours are vibrant and match how I imagine they would be. The shades I pick certainly work for my skin tone. So all in all, this is a happy haul.

Again, wish I could have bought more, as shipping was a flat rate. I either tried to save some money for IMATS, or worried about the products not up to the hive and didn't want to get too much in the first order.

I'll be testing these products out, and maybe wait for another huge sale to get more. Winners do sell some elf, but only limit to lipglosses and some eyemakeup kits. About 5 products in a pack sells for CAD8.99. No Studio Line product has made it over here yet.

Besides the products above, I also own a the Mini Makeup Collection (won from a twitter giveaway, retails $15). It has:
-9 eyeshadow shades
-1 cream eyeshadow shade
-1 blush
-1 bronzer
-10 lip gloss shades
-1 brow powder
-1 eye liner pencil
-1 dual ended eyeshadow appliacator and brush
-1 face brush
-1 lip brush

The expandable trays save space and make the product great for travel. Good variety of shades.

Recently, elf has released 2 new Makeup Collections.
The Medium Makeup Collection retails $30 and have:
-64 eyeshadow shades
-8 lip gloss shades
-4 blush shades
-4 bronzer shades
-1 lip brush
-1 eye brush
-1 face brush

The Large Makeup Collection retails $40 and have:
-84 eyeshadow shades
-36 lip gloss shades
-6 blush shades
-4 concealers
-4 shimmer cream shades
-4 bronzer shades
-1 face brush
-1 lip brush
-1 duo eyeshadow applicator

What do you think about these new products, or elf Studio Line products in general? Any suggestion for what I should be getting next time?

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  1. I just put in an order last night! I'm excited to test it out. I won the bronze/blush duo from Louise (Lou Lou Land) and it's actually quite great!

  2. Woot! Woot! AMAZING haul! I just realized that I haven't checked my mail in a few days - maybe the mail pick-up notification will be waiting for me too! Can't wait!

  3. Michelle, did you score any code for gift or discount? The blush/bronzer duo is great, and I didn't order it, how crazy is that?

    Lena, I checked my mail everyday, just for a notice of this haul :-)

  4. omg I thought, when you told me the cost of the bundle, that maybe...just maybe you didn't realize i ordered doubles of i didn't want to mention it just in case...
    but seriously...the haul was ALL MINE! lol
    anyway seeing your babies displayed like that makes me antsy, but hey, Imats are coming up soon, so meh~ plus the fall season always goes quickly for me... XD
    Thanks again^^

  5. Rasilla, I didn't leave out anything from your list :-) I was nuts not buying enough, but it's too late now. Sorry I couldn't bring the goodies to you any sooner than IMATS

  6. I haven't tried ANY of ELF stuff. Let us know how you like everything! I keep hearing about ELF hauls but haven't seen any reviews :(

  7. Halifax, I am soooo curious about that Concealer Palette. Will you be reviewing it soon? Thanks :)

  8. Sure, I'll be getting to these products soon. Stay tuned! :-)