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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been surprisingly nice out today, sunny and warm. Last week I saw the warning about Danny making his way toward this side of the country in the weekend, but I guess he changed his mind :-) Saturday was raining, but today was absolutely gorgeous. Lucky me!

I started the day quite early at the mall for the F&F sale I mentioned on Friday. I did return a few things I bought from Smart Set a few weeks ago, so I had some money to spend. Among the stores listed, only Suzy Shier still had extra 50% off sale on clearance items. With 20% F&F discount, and 10% Prestige discount on top of that, it came out a pretty good deal, so that was where I shopped.

I got a few tops and a dress from the clearance section for sure, but I was more excited about the jewelry I got from their racks, so I'm gonna show you those. They were 2 for CAD5, great looking and good quality (not the flimsy cheap kind). First up are the 5 necklaces. The first piece was pear-like cluster, wraped around the neck, so cute. The second and the last piece were "earthy" style with wooden and shell materials. The other 2 were beads, came with matching earrings. For the price, they were a steal.

And here are 3 pairs of earrings I got. They were all silver, as I didn't find any good gold pairs. They were shiny, a little large which I like to pair with a cute night outfit. They really caught my attention the moment I started looking at the racks.

The Lou Lou magazine in the picture was the special 5th Anniversay edition which I got for free from Town Shoes with this coupon - no purchase necessary. It expries September 3, so go now if you want one, as it's while quantities last.

I was so close to pick up a purse from Town Shoes. It was on sale for CAD70, with extra 20% off. The sale guy was trying to sweet talk me into getting it, but as soon as I put it back on the shelf, he turned bitter. I walked out right away, not letting him ruin my day.

Did any of you go to the sale? Or maybe out and about enjoying the last days of summer? :-)


  1. Nice stuff! It's been freezing here, pretty cold! ):

  2. Great haul! I love finding cheap and chic pieces!

  3. LOVE the pearl necklace, and those earrings!

  4. Arezu, the weather this summer has been crazy huh? We didn't really have a good warm weather all around.

    Lena, Crystal, yeah, I'm loving these pieces :-)

  5. Thanks Stephanie, I love them :-)