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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have planned a few posts on Friday but didn't end up finishing them, so they are not up until today and tomorrow. Saturdays are normally "running around" days for me, so I don't get online that much, and therefore Sunday nights would be my posting time, often enough.

This pass Saturday was my bf's birthday, so we spent time shopping for some new clothes for him. As you probably heard, Old Navy has been doing 50% off all men's stuff in store (exclude clearance items)until Sunday, so we had to get some shopping in before too late. I have to say, Old Navy has some good basic stuff, good price (especially when they have sales on), not mentioning a few good coupon if you are lucky enough to score them on Old Navy Weekly. As I mentioned in my Old Navy haul post, the coupons are offered on first come first serve basis, and they are normallly reset on Thursday nights. If you have some free time and enough patience, you might find a coupon as good as "$75 off a $100 purchase". Amazing huh? My first coupon was $10 off a $50 purchase, and the one I used on Saturday was 25% off $50 purchase or more. Not bad. As it was all my bf's clothes, I wouldn't take pictures of the haul here :-)

We spent the night having Dairy Queen's blizzards (our favorite dessert) and watching "Drag me to hell". Don't ask me why I am into horror movies. I wasn't before I met my bf, but now I could basically go see any horror movies with him, if he wants to see it. But honestly, "Drag me to hell" was the kind of movie that makes it hard to sleep at night, so consider yourself warned :-) It wasn't a bad movie, I was just surprised how it ended. Don't want to spoil the movie for you, if you haven't seen it, so I'm just saying it is quite a good one to see, if you like horror movies. The music and sounds were a bit loud at times, I had to cover my ears here and there.

Sunday shopping, how I hate the hours. 12 to 5, that was it. That wasn't enough for me to browse around the mall and take my times to look at and try things out. We hit Old Navy at Micmac, as there were a few things we could find the right size at the first Old Navy, and we were in deed happy to find them today.

The Disney Store is one of our favorite stores to visit at Micmac. The stuff there is overpriced, obviously, because of the brand name, but they are decent when on sale. I got a pair of princess PJ for CAD10, a Ariel swimsuit CAD13, a Minnie Mouse costume with tutu CAD25, and a Daisy hat CAD5. The last 2 items were extra 25% off. It's the best time to shop when they have extra 50% off on top of discounted items. I just don't know whether the stuff I wanted will be there when they finally have extra 50% off, so I hauled. Also at Toys R Us, I got a few toys on sale for Squirt - a King Arthur lego (70% off) and some Bling Domino and Bling Bingo - sparkly and pink - just right for Squirt - for half price. Squirt left the stores very happy.

The Body Shop has "up to 50% off" sale going on for their Winter/Spring lines. I bought 2 Warm Amber body scrub and a Cranberry body shimmer. And I have my reasons - not that a girl needs reasons to shop, but these are like the must haves. First, Warm Amber and Cranberry are the LE winter lines that are no longer available in store (except when they have sales like this). Second, they are the only items that were actually at 50% off - as you can see from the stickers. I was interested in the Roseflower shadows and Roseflower blushes, but they were only 30% off, still quite out of my range/budget. After "Love My Body" 10% discount, it came out CAD26 which earned me one point. I have 3 points after this purchase, so my next purchase would qualify for CAD15 off.

For some of you who are not familiar with TBS's membership program: Basically you pay CAD10 for a "Love Your Body" card that offers 10% off all purchases for a year. You earns 1 point for every CAD25 spent. You get a CAD10 credit if you shop in the month of your birthday, and could get 20% off on the Love Your Body days. When you earn 4 points, you'll get a CAD15 gift, and at 8 points, you get CAD25 gift and free membership renewal for the next year. Note: I am not advertising for TBS, I am just sharing the info about the store so you can save some money if you are interested in their products.

EDIT: I just found out that the whole Warm Amber and Cranberry is on for CAD5 each on TBS's website, so I'll be returning this haul to the store. The site charges CAD5 shipping each order, but considering the items are half what I paid at the store, it's still a better deal than getting them from the store.

My last stop in Micmac was actually a very good one - La Senza, a Canadian lingerie store. Don't worry, this is not a rated R post :-) They are having semi annual sale on undies and bras, but I wasn't interested. I was there for their body products. Since La Senza was bought by Victoria's Secrets a few years back, they started carrying Victoria's Secret Secret Garden and Beauty Rush body products, no makeup though :-( In Toronto, La Senza has come out with their own body products that are similar to VS's, but in Halifax, the stores don't get them yet. I actually prefer the packaging of VS's lines better (haven't tried La Senza body producs, so I can't comment on the quality). Last week, I passed by a La Senza at the mall and saw a little shelf of Secret Gardens at 10 for $20 (normally 4 for $20). There were only 2 scents though (Endless Love and Pear Glace), and I didn't want to get 2-3 of the same items to make 10 in total, so I didn't get anything. The La Senza today I went in is the largest one of all, as it has everything, including the new Beauty Rush summer LE Pool Party items (on for 2 for CAD20). And the shelf has lots of scents at 10 for $20, so I got Endless Love (body butter, mist, wash and lotion), Pure Seduction (body butter and lotion), Love Spell (body butters) and the never-before-seen Tease Sweet Sugar (body mists).

Simiar to TBS's Love Your Body, La Senza has the Prestige card (CAD20) that saves you 10% off every purchase for a year. Came with the card was a coupon book (save $5/10/20 with $25/50/100 purchase, $5 off card renewal for the next year, etc.). I always have my card with them, as I'm a frequent there, especially on Boxing Day when the sales are too good to pass.

Hope you all have a good weekend. I'm so not ready for getting back to work tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


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