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Dollar Store makeup

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Ok, dollar stores. Isn't it an exciting topic in beauty blogs? About 2 months ago, I was in a constant hunt for some eyeshadows at... yep, you guessed it ... Dolarama. Yikes!!! I know lots of you are going to say I was silly looking for makeup at Dolarama. I know I shouldn't expect much with stuff from a dollar store. Now, lots of stuff found at dollar stores in the US are discontinued or overstocked at big box stores and got shoved over for quick sale. For that reason, people have done some great dollar store hauls for makeup, nail polish, you name it, of well known drugstore brands. At this corner of Canada, I did find some fun stuff in the past, but nothing amazing, especially beauty products.

What you see in the picture is a combination of a few hauls, CAD1 a piece. I went to 3 different Dollaramas for the shadows, as stocks weren't the same among stores, I found, and I insisted to find all shades that were available.

On the left are Disney's Hannah Montana hand soaps and body scrub, still sold at drugstores for around CAD5 each. At the top is a Princess bath fun set for Squirt, with bath gel held in fun shapes of princess, castle, etc. On the bottom right is Bonne Belle Lip Lite in Champagne Frost and Smackers Flip gloss in Sweet Sugar. I can't tell why they ended up there except for the reason I already mentioned.

In the center are the babies that I was hunting around for, Aziza shadow palettes. I was just hanging out at Dollarama one day when I saw about 3 different palettes of these, and I wondered whether they were any good. I don't know how many shades there are for the palettes (as there's no website for this brand), but I found 8. They are named after US cities - rrom the top, L-R: New York, Vegas, Santa Fe, Denver, Nashville, Memphis, Miami and Phoenix (not featured in the pic). The package had the price printed on it - $2.95, distributed by Jean Phillippe Fragrances, NY, but I don't know where else they sell them at that price.
I went online to do a bit of research. Makeupalley gave these 4.8/5 and all 8 reviewers said they would buy them again. I also found that the brand also has shadow quads, lip gloss, foundation, nail polish, etc. My camera didn't seem to pick up the shades very well, so check out the close-ups of the most colourful ones: Miami and Nasville (top pic), Denver and Phoenix (bottom pic). Miami is the most diversified palette, as the shades aren't in the same family at all, just right for summer. Nashville is fun for a smoky look, as half of the shades are dark with a fierce red on the side. Denver and Phoenix have some shimmer, would be fun to use on a night out. They have a strong basic colour and others would work around it.
The rest are basic neutral/light colours, I plan to use them for touch up at work. Most of the shades are matte (except for the Denver and Phoenix, as mentioned). I tried Miami, the staying power is ok, nothing amazing but I have to say at $1, these are fun stuff to play around with, especially when you first start out with makeup. They don't break the bank and have variety of colours to keep you busy for a while.

As a bonus, I found this Canadian Dollar store makeup haul video on youtube that might help you with some visual image of the palettes.

Ingredients wise though, there are talc, methylparaben and propylparaben listed on the package. So if you worry about the effects of these on your skin, please refrain from trying these shadows. Makeup is supposed to be fun, so explore these with caution, lol.

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  1. I remember when Aziza was a top name in all the major drugstores (back when I was in high school in the 1800' I've seen them at the Dollar Tree here in the U.S. Maybe I'll give them a try again.

  2. Wow Toma, I have no idea Aziza dates way back. Sweet youth memories, I hope :-)

  3. Wow such colorful shadows! Hmm it would certainly spark your creative side to figure out how to wear these.

  4. Hi, nice blog and hello to a fellow canuck. I wanted to apologize, I accidentally declined you on twitter. If you want to follow pls request again, I will accept. I was getting blasted with really creepy follower requests and was declining them and declined you by mistake. xxNadia

  5. Thanks for your comments guys. Appreciate it.