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Twitter explosion

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

In the last 2 days, twitter has exploded with tweets all over the world about the passing of MJ and SF. If you are a twitter-er, you would probably know what I mean. News travel extremely fast on twitter and I was just stunned by both news the moment I saw the tweets (before official news were released in the media). Many bloggers have since written tributes and memories, and pictures of the 2 stars and wished them RIP. Some even took a hiatus to mourne, as they are big fans of the stars. I wouldn't bore you with more writing on this, but it was a sad day for me too, and I wanted to shout it out.

Another hot topic on twitter among bloggers was the article written by Total Beauty's CEO regarding the relationship between bloggers and companies who are looking for product reviewers. It sensitively touched blogging ethics and the pride in blogging of many bloggers, and their dignity too. Robyn at Purely Cosmetics has one of the best written post about the issue - Blogger Product Review Uproar, and the follow-up TotalBeauty Saga Continues. Total Beauty, in trying to promote their new incentive, has failed to support bloggers that have been supporting it. I'm not with Total Beauty, as I'm new to blogging, but I do have an opinion in what it said in the article.

Note: I will not link Total Beauty on this post, as I refuse to give it traffic. Please google if you want to know about the website. The article of the CEO is linked in Robyn's post, so you have all you need in that post. She also linked other bloggers' posts for the same matter, so indulge yourself with more fun reading, if you wish to, to understand bloggers a little more and know where they came from. The second post has the video response of the CEO after the huge reaction of blogging world to his article.

This reminds me of one of the most important things about blogging. You put your heart (and opinions) out there when you write on your personal blog, and you have readers who appreciate it. Although, the question that always gets asked was whether the bloggers received any compensation to put in good words for certain products that they review. I have to tell you, for about a year reading tons and tons of beauty blogs, I have seen cases where one product received mixed reviews by different bloggers. There's so much into what works (or doesn't work) for you, as we, as individuals, are so different in every way. Also, bloggers don't always receive products to review for free. I guess if you have a great blog and large base of followers, companies will start looking for you. But me, with a one-month old blog, and 8 followers (thanks guys, love you), I review what I bought and loved (or didn't love). And I won't lie about it.

So feel free to stick with me for more honest reviews and fun hauls. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very interesting debate. We're all so used to realizing that magazines are paid to endorse various products (or at least to cover them) that we take their opinions with a grain of salt, however we still see bloggers as being above that. Now with the popularity of blogs that's no longer the case. Personally, I always confess to getting a freebie when doing a review on something, as I think it's good for readers to have that transparency, but I also don't guarantee a company a good review - just my honest opinion.

  2. Very interesting! I think the good PR companies send products to bloggers/reviewers with the understanding that the review could be positive or negative -- or you might not get one at all. That said, there are others that expect the review. I work in PR (but not related to makeup) and sometimes this boils down to the client expectations. As MissJ said, it's about transparency -- from the PR people sending products, to the blogger saying they got the product etc. and then going from there. Am i making any sense? Not sure. It's late night now. LOL
    Thanks for following my blog! Yours is a great read.