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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a really busy weekend, but I am so excited of a few finds that I can't wait to blog about.

Saturday was such a long day. All of a sudden, there were so many things going on and I didn't want to skip anything :-) We started out at Old Navy as it was $3 graphic Ts day, plus I was able to snag a $10 coupon off $50 purchase off their Old Navy Weekly website.
There had been some great coupons, like $75 off $100 purchase, etc. but those were gone way too fast, as you can imagine. There were only adults' Ts that were on for $3, so I grabbed 5 for me first. It wasn't easy to find my size in the pile, but it was probably a good thing, as there was a limit of 5 per person. It'd be hard to decide what not to get if I could have more options. It was also the day of extra 50% off on discounted items, so I could get some great clothes and shoes for Squirt. I made it to $50 and got $10 off. So awesome. I like Old Navy!!!

I got a free ticket to go to Family Expo, and it was free for Squirt to go, so I decided to drop by. It wasn't very good last year, but I had my hope up as this is their 5th year celebration. But no, it wasn't any better. Squirt got a few balloons, and a poster of "Night in the Museum" from the exhibitors, and we sat down to watch a few performance on stage. Too bad they couldn't get the event back to where it was 2 years ago. I really enjoyed it the first time I went.

We rushed back to Empire Theatre where Squirt had her birthday party. We waited till this week to have the party so that the kids could see UP. It was a good time but I was exhausted having to watch 7 kids for 4 hours. I'm not used to the running around screaming act of the boys Squirt invited, not mentioning the bathroom trips that they pulled in the middle of the movie. I even missed the last 20 minutes of the show as one of the girls didn't feel well and wanted to go out to the lobby. It sucked, but all in all, Squirt got some presents that she really wanted (i.e. the Cupcake maker and a few Barbies, etc.), so she was very happy. I was glad the party went well. I spent the rest of the day resting with a nice meal and a beer (Keith's Red, if you want to know - it's a Canadian brand), haha...

Sunday, I woke up with really nice weather, 20 degrees. Unbelievable, considering it was just about 11 yesterday. It's probably unheard of, but here where I live, Sunday shopping isn't very popular. Not until recently (I guess probably about a year ago) that shops started to open on Sundays, and only from noon to 5pm. I wasn't very happy with the limitted hours, but had to deal with it. This was the reason why I normally sleep in on Sundays :-). We went to Globo Shoes, as they had some sales on, but didn't end up getting anything.

Icing was just across the street, so I came in to browse around. I love their clearance section, as sometimes some nail polishes and other cool items for some reason landed there with really cheap price (like 5 for CAD10 if the original price is less than CAD15, or CAD5 otherwise). This earrings and headband holder was original on for CAD23 and I got it for CAD5.
I already bought 2 earring holders and a necklace holder from Claire's but because of their crazy sale (10 for CAD10) that they had once in a while, my earring collection grew quite big. So this 3rd holder would come in handy perfectly. I wish they sell polish racks too, as I really need one to organize my bottles. As you see in my previous post, the polish collection was overflowing as well.

As I was complaining to Recessionista at Nouveau Cheap a few weeks ago about shipping cost from the US to Canada for some beauty items I wanted to purchase, she mentioned that she had to probably pay the same crazy amount if she got some of her favorite items from Canada. And she mentioned Fruits & Passion. I have a F&P store where I live but honestly never shopped there. She got me curious about the brand, so I went and purchase this Fragrance kit for CAD38, as a gift for my sister.
I had second thought a few days later, considering the small size of the samples (2ml each) and how much I had to pay for them (approx. CAD10, as the full size bottle I could claim with the gift card attached to the kit was between CAD28-30). So I brought it back. The nice thing was they let me keep the free GWP. It was a Foot Care Duo of a Cooling Cream Gel and a Foaming Exfoliant in the picture. Wasn't it exciting? I was impressed with Customer Service and would definitely be back when they have some nice sale on.

Another exciting news. Superstore was having the newly displayed HIP product line on for half price. I wasn't sure whether it didn't sell very well or they just wanted to promote it with a big sale. I certainly couldn't miss this deal.
The display was almost empty at the time, so I only got 2 Jelly balms (I think Canada stores only got these 2 shades anyway, sucky I know) and the eyeliner in Eggplant. I wanted Teal as well but they didn't have any left. I previously got some $2 coupons from the display at Shoppers, so I only paid CAD3 for each Jelly balm and CAD4.50 for the liner. Believe me when I said this was a great deal. I don't know whether you know, but Canada does not have BOGO deals on cosmetics that often (if not very rarely) like the US, so when something was on sale for 50% plus a few coupons to use, I was more than excited. And I have been waiting to try out the rest of HIP products (I only owned the shadow duos which were the only thing from this line available to us, Canadians until recently), so this worked out great in my favour.

Also at Superstore, I found certain shades of Sally Hansen's polish on for CAD1, so
I grabbed 3, showned in the first row in the picture. The 4th shade was too light to show up on my nails, so I left it alone, haha... I don't know what's going on with this line, as a few weeks back, I only got a few of them at Lawton on clearance for CAD1.80 each (showned in the second row). I wouldn't complain, but hope they didn't cancel the line or anything like that. The extra lip gloss in the picture was Hannah Montana's, for Squirt, on clearannce for like CAD3.

So that was it for this weekend runs. Sorry for the long post. And if there're any Canadians out there reading my blog, hope you can find these great products at great price like I did. Thanks for stoppy by.

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  1. what great finds you found thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great contest there as well GOod Luck