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New sale alert!

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Remember my The She Space's Hope Quest 2009 post? Heather just offered an incentive yesterday that is really hard to turn down: with a $30 purchase, we will get a 20-pc sample kit (10 eye colors, 2 blushes, Cashmere Kisses, Cashmere Stockings and the not-yet-release Cashmere Sun) for free. No code needed, the kit will be added automatically when the order is processed.

FYI, Cashmere Stockings are primer/finishing powder in one, and are available in 3 levels. Cashmere Kisses are Cashmere Stockings with a bit of colours added, come in 4 shades. Visit the Face and Lips section for pictures.

The samples are normally sold at $.50 or $1 each, depending on the product type. So all together, you get to try out different products from TSS in a $14 value kit for free. Now did I get you all excited?

I just put in an order today. I got a Hope Quest quad and can't wait to give the jars of Hope Nomatter What shadows (and maybe all the rest of the quad) to my friends who need a bit of colour in their life to stay positive. I also got a full sample collection of One Little Dress (April LE), as this is such a beautiful colleciton with a variety of different shades and tones. These cute little baggies could make any girl happy. I added a sample of Far Too Free from Pisces and Faith Without Words from Taurus from the Astrology collections at the end to make a perfect $30 order :-)

If you haven't heard of The She Space before, go check it out. You won't regret you did. Also visit the message board for more information and swatches posted by Heather's customers. Let me know if you get something from her. Thanks for stopping by.

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