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L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte glosses

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Not terribly new but took me a while to collect was L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte glosses.

I could have got all 10 shades in the last Super Point redemption at Shoppers but decided on only 4: Bare Attraction, Nude Allude, Rouge Envy and Forbidden Kiss.

You might think of these Pro Matte glosses as another line of matte liquid lipsticks, and you are not too far off.

However, as many of them as I tried, I would not get tired of the light/ comfortable wear, good pigmentation and lasting power. And when they are just right at my finger tip (i.e. drugstore shelves), the more the merrier.

The tear drop shaped applicator has a hollow center to supposedly hold the product for better colour payoff upon application.

The flexible wand proves to be a little hard to manipulate for me, results in the slightly messy swatches below when I could not decide if I want to use the tip or the side of the applicator.

Shade names are printed in white on top of the black rubber cap, very easy to see.

As hinted above, I love almost everything about these glosses. They dry down to matte, so less messy transfer onto cups/ straws/ bowls, etc. and do feel slightly drying after about 5 hours of wear. Nothing uncomfortable though.

Bare Attraction is more nude and works better as a liner top-up while Nude Allude is sufficient on its own. Rouge Envy is the bold one in the bunch, a pinky red and Forbidden Kiss turns out to be a fuchsia pink, not a darker plum as expected.

The Pro Matte glosses are 0.21oz/ 6.3ml, reg. $11.99 each, which, in "$ per oz" perspectives, are cheaper than Colour Pop (0.1128oz/ 3.2g, USD6/ CAD8) but pricier than LA Girl (0.17oz, $5). Catch them with a sale!


  1. I love the shades you picked! I suspect that I'll end up picking up Nude Allude.