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Essence Spring 2016

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Essence has quietly released a series of new products that went straight to the shelf without not much notice.

I heard a few mentions from fellow bloggers and went looking. The first item I bought was their liquid lipsticks.

Staying true to the claim (but not the name) to have coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss, these liquid lipsticks feel more like pigmented glosses.

I got #2 Beauty Secret and #6 Make a Statement. The packaging reminds you of Maybelline Color Elixirs, doesn't it?

The plastic tube is sturdy, no cheap feels. The colour coded cap is helpful with colour choice when you store the items up right. Just note that the indication is slightly darker than the colours themselves.

The sponge tip has a light curve in the middle. The shorter wand offers good manipulation during application.

All angles of the packaging fit a more expensive product line than what the product sells for. The only thing that sets them back is the shade range - only 6 available, from nudes to red, no dark colours.

Beauty Secret is a pale pink, and you guessed it, almost invisible on my lips unless I have a darker lip liner underneath. It is good to top off nude lipsticks and add the shine. Make a Statement has better colour payoff, and is flattering thanks to the red undertone.

They perform just like glosses - not too long wearing but comfortable on, with the shine. The tubes are of decent size - 0.13oz/ 4ml, only $3.99 each.

Another product that I had to get is the Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara - tinted brow gel with fibers to colour, fill and shape.

2 shades available, I went for the darker one - #2 Browny Brows. Sad to say it is not dark enough for brunettes, as I have to fill in my brows with a darker chubby pencil, unless I want very subtle brows.

The fiber brush is tiny, small enough to give precise stroke of gel along the brows, which lasts through the day and does not feel crispy.

I find the brush a little too firm, so go in with a light hand and build it up.

I do appreciate the tinted gel in a dark tube, not having to see it turning nasty like my Wet n Wild Mega Clear "mascara", but the tube is small - 0.12oz/ 3.8ml, $3.99 vs. 0.28oz/ 8.3ml, $2.49 with the WnW version.

Make Me Brow is not a bad product, if the shade suits you. The lighter shade is #1 Blondy Brows. I hope for a brunette shade in the future.

Essence Contour powder looks so similar to Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting duo without the pretty surface pattern. It does not claim to have any fancy light reflecting nor smoothing effects either, just has a basic shimmery highlighter and a matte bronzer.

The bronzer looks more cool toned compared to MUFE version but is not cool enough to be a contour colour. I chose #01 Light because of the yellow-toned highlighter which turns out to be too subtle, and the bronzer is also too light to make a difference.

The compact is 0.38oz/ 11g, 3.99. Shade #02 Medium has a pink toned highlighter.

Other new releases from Essence you might be interested in:
- Sheer & Shine lipsticks - 9 shades
- I ♥ Extreme Volume mascara - waterproof version
- Say No To Dark Circles/ Imperfections/ Redness
- Satin Matt and Pastel Ombre top coats, I ♥ Trends The Metals nail polish.

No signs of the Blush Up! (ombre) powder blushes that were out in the US!


  1. I'm kinda in love with the Make Me Brow. Weirdly enough, I'm a brunette and I use the blonde shade, but I only really use it along with a more ashy brown pencil and it looks great!

    1. Yes, it's great if followed up with a pencil. Have you tried Marcelle's Perfect Brow?

  2. Oooohhh.... I really like when lip gloss packaging kind of disguises it to look like lipstick. :3

  3. My brows are blonde, and I didn't find much pay off with the blonde brow gel either. I'm not really sure it does much for my brows at all .... but I'm currently using it in combination with Milani powder brow kit :)

    1. Yeah, I think it is meant to be used with a filler shade, unfortunately