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Garnier Color Styler

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Let's change things up a bit to fit the festive occasion that is the new year :) We put to the test Garnier Color Styler in Blue Burst and Pink Pop I received before we went on vacation.

Color Stylers are supposed to be intense wash-out/ commitment-free colours with colour coat technology, enriched with clay, to create a thin colour coat on the surface of the hair fiber without damaging it. Can be done to the ponytail, streaks, tie & dye or bun.

When completely dry, the colours were said not to rub off or stain your clothes, and would last 2 shampoos or longer depending on the amount applied and the hair type.

Left: the content inside - a bottle of colour, a pair of reusable gloves and an instruction leaflet. Right: the "galaxy" of colours left on the gloves after we used both colours.

Instructions: Shake the bottle, squeeze the colour on the gloved hand, rub and apply. Once dry, brush.

I do like how easy the colours are to use. The box does indicate that colours would show up differently depending on hair tone, so I did not expect a hot pink with Pink Pop on Squirt's dark brown hair. Blue Burst also looked much deeper than the bright navy when it came out of the bottle.

All in all, if you have dark hair, expect an iridescent, fairy effect rather than intense colours as mentioned on the packaging. Also note that the colours are more visible in sun light and very subtle indoor. They do take a few hours to be completely dry (the hair feels a bit stiffer) or would come off on your hand if you touch your hair before that. No noticeable transfer on the clothes though.

Garnier Color Stylers add some temporary colour fun to your hair but experiment with them a head of time as the finish colours might surprise you :) The bottle is 50ml, good for more than 2 uses, retails around $10. There are also Purple Mania, Bronze Attitude and Red Temptation.

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  1. That showed up better than I expected. A bit misleading, though, how bright the blue is on the box with her dark hair... >_>