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NOTD: Zoya Nyx

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The Pixie Dust fever started with Zoya Dhara last month continues on today with Zoya Nyx.

Released a few months earlier than Dhara (from the Fall 2013 collection), Nyx (Spring 2013 collection) sure set the stage for fabulousness and sparkliness, which I am so late upon.

Considering how much I like darker polish and textures, so when Zoya put those 2 things together and I didn't jump on the train right away, I regret that so much :) But I'm here now!

Described as a periwinkle blue, Nyx is not the typical shade in the textured range that most brands put out.

This is 1 coat, leaving a bit of sheer opacity on the nails, just the way I like it. Nyx looks a bit more blue and darker on the nails than in the pic.

Not much else I have to say on it other than I love it, a lot :) Pixie Dusts rule. It is just a shame how much harder for me to get my hands on Zoya though.

Keep the Pixie Dusts, especially Nyx, in mind if you are doing the Exchange this year, going on until September 12.


  1. YAY! I absolutely adore the PixieDusts. Shame I don't think they're making any more. :( So many colors still left to explore and the last collection (that wasn't "magical" with the larger glitters) was mostly oranges...