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Annabelle Fall 2015 - Eyeliners

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Pairing up nicely with Annabelle Smokey Nudes palette are the Fall eyeliners.

I am excited to welcome the new shades/ metallic finish to the Stay Sharp waterproof kohl eyeliner line, 0.008oz/ 0.25g, $9.95 each.

If you are new to the Stay Sharp concept, you twist the cap (until you hear a click) to twist up the core and sharpen the tip at the same time.

The formula is long lasting and smudge proof/ waterproof.

The new shades: Bronzy (metallic, great for those who want a change from black liners) and Snow White (matte, opening up the eyes when applied to the waterline, a bit more bold than a nude shade).

I am so in the zone with Annabelle Stay Sharp, for lips, eyes and brows (stay tuned for review on this one). On to the liquid eyeliners, starting with the Instaglam Kajal eyeliner + Kajal, jumbo size, $12.95.

Similar to the Instaglam Brow Design + Fix, this liner has the convenient 2 in 1 format. The Liquid liner end (0.084oz/ 2.5ml) has a marker tip, and the Kajal end (0.018oz/ 0.53g) has the twistup pointed tip for the waterline.

I surprisingly enjoy this liner (more than I thought). The marker style eases my wariness, as I am not that good with liquid liners, and the bold looking kajal is quite user friendly.

Note that the formula claims to be water resistant, setting the liners is recommended.

The Kohl duo eyeliner, 0.04oz/ 1.38g, $7.95, is more in my comfort zone, obviously, and again, dual ended format is convenient.

This is Tuxedo, with black and white colours. It swatches well, wears well. No complaints.

Below are swatches of the Instaglam Kajal eyeliner + Kajal (kajal end then marker end) and 2 ends of Tuxedo Kohl duo liner.

I am nowhere near done with 2-in-1 liners, if you didn't see that coming :) Check out the EyeInk2, in 2 different formats. The finish is glossy with both, and priming and setting them are essential, unless you want transfer and smudges on your oily lids half way through the day.

Note that all tips are reversible once they get dull or dirty, just pull them out of the top of the tube and reverse.

The Mistakeproof eyeliner + corrector, 0.05oz/ 1.5ml, $10.95 has a fine felt tip liner side (I have Black, also available in Brown) and a corrector end to correct small smudges or touch up on the go.

I appreciate this so much, as with the non-steady hand of mine, mistakes are unavoidable (but correctable) :)

If you don't need a corrector, opt for the EyeInk2 liquid eyeliner duo, shown here in Brown but there is also Black. The fine tip is the same as that in the EyeInk2 Mistakeproof above while the ultra fine tip reserves for those who have super eyeliner skills.

Here are the Black liner end of the EyeInk2 Mistakeproof liner, the ultra Fine and fine tips of the Brown EyeInk2 duo, thickened to show effects.

You know I love my colourful liner pencils to add a pop of colours to the lash line, but for liquid liners, I prefer black for the intensity. That's just me though. With the liner lineup Annabelle brings you this month, pick the format you like, then the colour :)

And if brows are your game, check out Annabelle's Fall lineup for them too.


  1. Love that bronze! That liquid/kajal duo one looks pretty cool, too. Very convenient. :)