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Annabelle Fall 2015 - Brows

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I interrupt the regular schedule today to continue Annabelle Fall release with brow products. I cut my finger tip with the spiralizer and could not bring nail polish remover anywhere near that nail, so no NOTD :(

I have never been on point in the brow game, ever. Well, when I was sent 3 products just for brows, I was a bit anxious if my skill does them any justice.

The products turn out to be quite newbie friendly and I am more comfortable with taming my brows to a reasonable shape and colour.

First off is the all-in-one Brow to Go kit in Light/ Medium (also available in Medium/ Dark), 0.081oz/ 2.32g, $9.95.

The 2 powder shades can be used individually or blended together to match your hair colour. The wax (far right) goes on almost colourless, does a good job in fix the brow hair in place.

The wax has a clear plastic lid to avoid "contamination" from its powdery neighbour. Attention to details!

Since the kit is meant for "to go" purpose, it is compact. As a result, the dual ended applicator (the slanted end is for the powder and the rounded end for the wax) and the tweezers included are also small, a little awkward to hold but do the job.

As seen in the swatches below, Light/ Medium is a little light for my hair colour so I do pair it with a darker brow pencil. Powder products also take more time to apply, so I only use the kit in the weekend and to travel with.

Easier to use are brow pencils, definitely. Annabelle has 2 :)

Up top is the Brow Show brow liner + highlighter in Light, a 2-in-1 product to fill in brows and highlight the brow bone. Also available in Medium, 0.07oz/ 2.21g, $9.95.

The liner end has gel-like texture to fix the brows into place with a bit of colour. The highlighter end is silky, lightweight with pearl finish, easy to blend out with a small brush or just a finger.

At the bottom is the Stay Sharp waterproof brow liner in Taupe. Also comes in Blond, Auburn, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony, 0.008oz/ 0.25g, $9.95.

Note that we do use more product on the brows than on the lash line so naturally, the tip wears out a lot faster and needs sharpening more often. I normally need to twist the cap till click, untwist and twist till click again to get a pointed tip on this one.

Problem solved when I use the Stay Sharp brow liner to map out the shape and fill it in with the Brow Show liner. That way, both products would last me longer.

Here are the Stay Sharp liner in Taupe (left), then the Brow liner end in Light and the Highlighter end of the Brow Show. I wouldn't think Taupe and Light would be my shade but they look quite natural on, a little more toned down :)

I have a bit too much fun with my brows lately :)


  1. hehehe Brows are such a pain. I have to tweeze mine so I don't look like a crazy person, but that's about all I can manage. >_> lol