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MUFE Colors You Crave palette

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Make Up For Ever (LE) Artist palettes went live the last day of Sephora VIB sale, so I picked up Volume 2 - Colors You Crave.

First impression: sturdy cardboard packaging, with a big mirror, decent amount of product.

Shade names are printed at the back of the palette, with 7 indicated as eyeshadows and 2 as blushes (marked with a * below).

The pamphlet included in the box suggests 3 looks using the trio in each column:

- Playful: I872 Pearly Pink, ME910 Electric Magenta* and S924 Purple*
- Bold: D552 Crystalline Gray Beige, ME232 Turquoise Blue and ME302 Peacock
- Sultry: ME512 Golden Beige, ME700 Amber and ME930 Black Purple.

I want to compare shades of the same purpose and swatch the shades by rows instead.

Row 1: I love I872 Pearly Pink all over the lids, while D552 Crystalline Gray Beige and ME512 Golden Beige are great as brow bone highlight.

Row 2: ME910 Electric Magenta* definitely has the pigmentation as a blush and surprisingly a nice transition colour on me.
ME232 Turquoise Blue is slightly more sheer than others, and, in my opinion, is singled out among the colour theme of the palette.
ME700 Amber looks rose gold on me - the gold with that strong peach undertone. I used it quite a lot.

Row 3 is the love of my life, can you tell why?

S924 Purple is a true purple, the colour I am always drawn to, and works great for both eyes and cheeks.
The duochrome goodness in ME302 Peacock kills me. I am glad it has the darker green tone, not the standard of MAC Blue Brown pigment and its "minions".
ME930 Black Purple is very pigmented and dark enough for those party smoky eyes, more black than purple.

Overall, I have no complains with this palette except for not having enough transition colours for a complete eye look (same situation as with Urban Decay Electric palette).

A quick comparison to justify owning both the Studio case and Colors You Crave palettes, both are LE, no repeats.

Colors You Crave Studio case
Price $49 $68.50 (later on sale $45)
Size 0.06oz x 9 eyeshadows (75% of full size) 0.024oz x 12 eyeshadows (30% of full size) and an Artist liner
Diamonds D552 Crystalline Gray Beige D236 Lagoon Blue, D826 Fig, D926 Blueberry
Iridescents I872 Pearly Pink I218 Indigo Blue, I524 Pinky Beige, I544 Pink Granite
Mattes M100 Black, M530 Eggshell
Metallics ME232 Turquoise Blue, ME302 Peacock, ME512 Golden Beige, ME700 Amber, ME910 Electric Magenta, ME930 Black Purple ME122 Snow, ME108 Steel, ME828 Garnet Black
Satins S924 Purple S516 Sand

There are 3 repeats between Colors You Crave and the original Artist palette (D926 Blueberry, I524 Pinky Beige and ME930 Black Purple), you probably don't need both.


  1. Oh wow those colors are so pretty! I especially like the whole middle row.