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NARS El Agua and dupes

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you have spent enough time on YT, you probably heard about NARS Velvet lip liner in El Agua and how hard it is to find.

I share the struggle, trust me. I found it, but being a good blogger, I have been around town in the last month or so looking for its dupes.

So here we are today. Let me tell you where to find El Agua (in Canada) and its supposed "minions", accompanied by comparison swatches.

First off, the original - NARS El Agua, $28 (0.01oz/ 0.5g).

It is a thin automatic (pointed) pencil liner. The only place I was able to find it in Canada is the Bay website. My store does not carry the brand but check yours in case they have it too.

Described as a lavender rose colour, this colour is definitely on trend, I can see and am happy to have it. Do take care applying it, cause the pencil is quite easy to break off under pressure.

On to the possible dupes, starting from the most affordable version.

This is Elf Studio Matte lip color in Tea Rose, $3 (0.05oz/ 1.4g). Elf website runs sales quite often but there is shipping charge to Canada.

I found Tea Rose at Old Navy (of all places lol) for $6. Superstore also carries limited selection of the brand.

Still can't beat the price tag for that much product, especially with the chubby and twistup format. The product is creamy, easy to apply but does not have long lasting power.

Next, ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiere, a dusty mauve pink, $5 (0.0352oz/ 1g).

Similar packaging format as Elf with a bit less product, ColourPop Lippie Stix, however, has  a slanted and wider tip (see below). Again, very affordable price but shipping to Canada does cost extra.

I find the quality and lasting power are similar to Elf as well, with a much better colour range and finish.

Lastly, Clinique Quickliner for Lips in Sky Violet, $20 (0.01oz/ 0.3g), the same size as El Agua.

Clinique is probably the easiest to find among all 4 brands, anywhere with a Clinque counter really (Shoppers, the Bay, Sears, etc.)

Described as a light violet but Sky Violet seems more pink than El Agua (also see below). The packaging and quality are similar to NARS as well but for some reason, mine doesn't swivel back down.

Here are all 4 side by side.

Swatches, in the same order - El Agua, Tea Rose, Lumiere and Sky Violet. Not really dupes in all cases, sadly.

Sky Violet is the closest to El Agua but without that purple tint (despite the name). Tea Rose is too muted and Lumiere is too red.

All 4 will earn their spots in the stash but the hunt for dupes continue. I also heard NARS Audacious lipstick in Dominique is also a possible dupe but it is even harder to find and costs more than El Agua.

Have you found an El Agua dupe anywhere?


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