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Kiss InstaWave

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Years into learning about makeup, I still know nothing about doing hair :)

I was excited to receive a Kiss InstaWave to review, as it promises to do most of the hard work of curling my hair for me.

Now InstaWave is an automatic curler that creates natural curls with the touch of a button. On top of that, it is supposed to work with either hand, all hair types, styled from any possible positions.

First impression: an interesting looking hair tool, isn't it?

The barrel has Ceramic Ionic technology - ceramic particles enhance durability while the gentle infrared heat and negative ions reduces frizz and damage.

Maximum temperature reaches 420F/ 215C, with automatic shutoff after 90 minutes. Safety first!

Instawave has the obvious on/off button with two heat settings (low for loose curls and high for tighter curls).

The light indicator at the top of the white handle turns from red (when you plug in the Instawave) to blue (when it is ready to use). In between the on/off button and the light indicator is the button to control the direction the Curl Dial turns (left/ right).

A closer look on the Curl Dial - the moving part that wraps your hair on the barrel for you.

The big tab on it helps holding the hair in place, and the 4 prongs prevent it from tangling while wrapping around.

This is where lots of practice needed, at least for me. The right amount of hair for each section and the placement of it are crucial for a good wrap around the barrel. I struggled a few times when the hair just did not want to wrap in.

A trial run with Squirt's hair:
- Heat setting at low,
- Hold the InstaWave vertically (important), place a small section of hair in front of the barrel, hit left turn button
- Once the hair is wrapped completely on the barrel, hold 7-10 seconds and pull the InstaWave straight down to release the hair.

 Squirt has a lot of hair (jealous!), so I only did the top layer for show. The curls are beautiful when the hair agrees to wrap :)

I like the fact that my fingers do not come close to the hot barrel (a risk that always scares me with hot tools). I determine to get better at using the Instawave as it does come in handy.

Kiss Instawave is available now, retails around $70 at Walmart.

Here's the video to show you how it works visually :)


  1. lol I suck so bad at hair. Those curls came out great, though! I'd be worried about getting my mop all tangled up...

    1. At least it doesn't pull on the hair/ hurt the head lol