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FingerPaints Underwater Enchantress

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The day after the blizzard for us today!

We got less snow than anticipated, but it rained ice pellets into the night, resulted in icy roads and slow travel this morning.

I am just happy we got to stay in, safe and sound. Squirt had fun playing in the snow with neighbour friends.

Let's get away from all that snow and talk about Finger Paints Underwater Enchantress from the Enchanted Mermaid collection (Summer 2014). I find it suits the collection name the most, based on how it looks :)

If you haven't tried this collection out, all 4 shades are specially textured.

I said "specially" because the texture finish is not in the base but in the glitters themselves. They are lumpy (scaly, the way Finger Paints intended it)!

I applied only two quick thin coats to minimize the lumps so you don't see them much here but trust me about the odd texture issue.

I love the glitter/ shimmer colour combination and the duochrome effect in Underwater Enchantress, but don't we wish Finger Paints went the traditional texture way instead of this? The collection is pretty to look at, but probably from far away only :)