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NOTD: Broadway Treasure Island

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This year, I am counting on the imPRESS press-on manicure by Broadway Nails in Treasure Island (received for review) to make me one of those cool moms with nice Halloween nails :)

The SafeHold Adhesive technology offers a hold like glue, with ultra gel shine and without any nail damage, which was my biggest concern when it comes to press-on nails.  

The box includes a wipe to clean your natural nails with. You would need to pick out 10 among the 24 press-on nails provided to fit your nails, peel off the clear plastic backing, align the tab side of the nail with cuticle, press firmly and smooth.

- Easy application: I could do my nails almost everywhere anytime, with minimal mistakes. This look was done at 1am when I woke up from an "accidental nap" on the couch.
- No base/ top coat, "no dry time, no mess", no smudging/ wrinkles/ bubbles, etc.
- Beautiful combinations of patterns: Nail art is possible now for those who don't have a talent like me.
- Easy removal: I could peel the nails off from the sides (with the ones that become loose), or a quick nail polish remover soak would do the job.

- The thickness: I can always feel the edge of the nails near my cuticles. It takes some getting used to, just like false lashes.
- The size: There are 5 different patterns in different sizes in a box, but sometimes I cannot find the right size with one pattern or another. You only see 4 patterns in this mani, as a result.
- The length: The nails, particularly the thumbs, are quite long. I definitely feel them when I type (notice more typos, especially with numbers), peel off a label, apply moisturizers/ lip balm/ makeup, etc.
- The fit: The nails curve above my natural nails, leaving a gap in between, small but enough to catch my hair ever so often.

The claim says the mani would last up to a week but I don't think I would have it on for that long to find out. It is fun for the occasion but does come with a price :)

Broadway Nails imPRESS press-on manicure sells for $8 a box at Lawtons, London Drugs, Pharmasave and Familiprix. There are 6 Halloween patterns in total.


  1. LOL I always liked it when my mom did her nails special for Halloween. ;) Only thing I really don't like about these (not just this set, but all the ones I've seen) is their "tips" nails... really look fake. :( It's cool that they're trying something new, and I guess clear would show the adhesive, but... it bugs me.

    1. I'm gonna be that "influential" to my kid lol. Agree with you on the tips :)