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NOTD: Gosh Frosted Rose

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If I ever have to wear nude polishes for work (which I don't, fortunately), they have to be the fun types - sparkly or textured.

I showed you before Joe Fresh Nude Glaze which is my favorite nude thus far. When I came across a display of Gosh Frosted polish recently, Frosted Rose caught my eyes.

With the tag line "glittery matte finish, frosted sand look", these are Gosh's version of textures. Looks like they released 3 last year - Frosted Gold, Frosted Silver and Frosted Purple, which I somehow missed entirely. If you like pastels, you might like the other 4 shades this time - Frosted Soft Pink, Frosted Soft Coral, Frosted Soft Blue and Frosted Soft Green, $6.99 each.

Frosted Rose is quite muted, a bit more pigmented and more pink than Nude Glaze, very sparkly with fine and chunky silver glitters. And surprisingly, the glitters did not make this texture any more gritty than others, without a top coat of course.

And what makes it even more fabulous is the fact that it only took one coat here and was very easy to apply. Removal took a bit more work obviously but I am not complaining.

If you want a brief description of this shade, I'd say it is sparkling sand (totally stealing the idea from Essence Beach Cruisers here, lol).

Here is the closeup. Keep in mind that the mani is a lot more sparkly than it shows here. And I could not stop checking my nails out while wearing it!

As much as I like Frosted Rose, I really wish Gosh went bold with this collection for the summer. Wouldn't it be fun to rock some neon textures with this level of pigmentation and sparkles? Pastels are probably more universal to lots of people, I guess.

After a great week, weather wise, the rain has returned to town :( Everyday there is a chance of shower in the forecast. Thursday is the food truck party and I don't want to eat in the drizzle. That sounds more romantic than it is lol.


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