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Maybelline Bleached Neons

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Maybelline (LE) summer collection (Bleached Neons) was out for a while now. I had full intention to skip on it, as I have enough products of the same kinds, but couldn't pass it up at Lawtons' 40% off sale couple weeks ago :)

I bought all 3 Color Elixirs - Glowing Garnet, Radiant Raspberry and I'm Blushing, and both Colour Tattoos - Sunwashed Sky and Shimmering Sea (reg. $8.99 each).

If you don't know my Color Tattoo "collector status", I have almost all shades (LE and permanent), except those that swatch patchy. For the Color Elixirs, I enjoyed the ones I have. So yeah, hard to justify not to get more.

So here we are, the Color Tattoos in Sunwashed Sky (left) and Shimmering Sea (right).

Swatches  with a synthetic brush which sheers out the colours a bit. Like most Color Tattoos, these two work well as bases for powder eyeshadows. On their own, Shimmering Sea fares better, as Sunwashed Sky creases on me after about 5 hours of wear.

I heard Sunwashed Sky is very close to Cool Crush from the duochrome collection, and I agree, colour wise. I do think the blue sheen in Cool Crush is stronger and Sunwashed Sky builds up a little better.

Same comparison between Shimmering Sea and Seashore Frosts, more similar sheen here with Shimmering Sea having a bit lighter base.

In both cases, you don't need these new Color Tattoos if you already hauled the duochromes.

And here are the Colors Elixirs in Glowing Garnet, Radiant Raspberry and I'm Blushing, from top to bottom.

Swatches below in the same order, from L-R.

Glowing Garnet is a natural sheer pink on my dark lips. I won't count on it for pigmentation but it gives a gorgeous sheen and makes my lips look plumped when topped up another lip colour or lip liner.

Radiant Raspberry is the most pigmented shade among the 3, but still needs layers to show up decently on its own. Good for the no-makeup look.

I'm Blushing is also sheer. For the colour that it is, it does not show up much on my lips, but again is a perfect gloss to jazz up other colours on the lips without altering the colour tone.

I do wish Maybelline ventured out outside the pink colour range a little with this collection.

All in all, these colours from Maybelline for this summer are great, but not must-haves if you have already stocked up on similar colours from the line. Here is a FOTD I did with a few of the colours.


  1. totally paid full price for the color tattoos! wish i had gotten the 40% off that's awesome.

  2. Awesome colors! I don't think I could have passed on 40% off either. ;)

    1. 40% off doesn't happen very often here, so I had 1 more reason not to pass it up :)