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NOTD: Quo by Orly Mega Canary

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Today is the day for me and Squirt to throw confetti and eat (birthday) cakes but we unfortunately won't have time.

Squirt has a Spring concert at school tonight where she is both an MC and one of the soloists, so that's where we'll be spending our time. So proud!

Instead of cakes, I'll show you "me - in a bottle" :) This is Quo by Orly Mega Canary, in full on sunlight, 2 coats.

Yellow is my favorite colour, and yellow with dense glitters that lead to a tiny bit of texture finish is very Sparkled Beauty! I came across Mega Canary at Shoppers and couldn't let go of it. Don't blame me for the crazy amount of pics in this post, as I want to show them all lol.

Besides being a ME mani, this is also to celebrate the nicer and warmer weather we finally get this late in Spring. I can see myself wearing Mega Canary all summer long now!

Another angle here with a more yellow light as the sun was setting. And I blurred it out a bit to show off the shimmers. The colour looked a little sheer here, which I think contributed to its fabulousness lol.

It is even more insane IRL when the glitters glow multi coloured at times, so I am lost for words :) Next are indoor pics, with flash.

More closeups so you can see the light texture Mega Canary shows on the nails.

It's the Bday, so all giveaways will end tonight. Thank you all for your support!