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China Glaze Wish on a Starfish

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Sparkled Beauty has gone all "pink central" lately lol. This is China Glaze Wish on a Starfish from the Sea Goddess collection.

I don't normally lean toward a pink when it comes to doing my nails but so far I have worn this shade twice. How did that happen? :)

This mani you see here was done the week of V Day, and I am wearing it again today (minus the hearts, which are from Claire's Love Struck, if you are wondering).

I was mesmerized by the glittery gold sheen in Wish on a Starfish, like it was glowing from the inside. It was the first shade I grabbed the day Sally had $3.99 promo on China Glaze.

When it's on my nails, I feel all bubbly inside, seriously. It is one of those "feel good" nail polishes that I can't have enough in the stash.

This is two coats, with a top coat which does not affect the glow at all. The grittiness is not overwhelming, very comfortable to wear. And removal is a breeze!

This is Love Struck in the bottle. It has red and pale pink heart glitters but the pale pink hearts were hardly visible on. Fishing for them was quite a task when they aren't very densely distributed in the bottle.

The hearts stayed on for about two days. If I ever do this mani again, I would have to add another layer of top coat on the second day to keep the particles in place.

Without the glitters though, Wish on a Starfish is still super fun to wear. I am so glad brands started to add more flare to texture polish, like the fun never ends :)

Safe travel today for those who have bad weather. We have rain here but Toronto got some white stuff yesterday, so I feel for you.


  1. Love it! Definitely keeping this one on my wishlist. hehehe I guess it's just a fact of being a girl. Sometimes you feel like pink. LOL

    1. Go find it quick :) I don't know if I'm ever a girly girl, even with pinks lol