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Styli-Style makeup

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is my first experience with Styli-Style Cosmetics thanks to a PR package.

I had seen the brand before but always overlooked it. So today is the day we talk about them :)

Quite extensive lines of products they have. For eye makeup, I received loose and gel eyeshadows (on the right of the pic), a liquid eyeliner (green) and mascaras (blue and black).

Curious of how they perform? Let's see!

Up first are the Dramatic Dip Loose eyeshadows, $4.99 each. From top to bottom: Thunderhead, Tempest, Meteor Strike and Morning Dew.

Pretty good packaging for this specific type of product - a tube with a sponge applicator to pick up the loose shadows. The cap has a spring-mechanism to close tight once you press and twist.

Pro: less spillage compared to a jar, vs. con: harder to use with a brush if you chose not to use the sponge applicator.

And yes, there is a fallout issue, like always with loose powders, but the sponge actually holds the eyeshadow better than a (dry) brush. Best trick I learned though: use a damp brush, plus always a sticky primer to keep them on the lids.

So, make proper prep for your eyes (a base) and your makeup area (a tissue) :)

The shadows appear on my hand the same way of how they look in the tube, with some building up. On the eyes, they are a little less intense but still close, and easy to sheer out if need to.

I like the shimmer/ metallic effect in these, it makes them ideal either on their own or for topping off other eyeshadows. I can definitely use all 4 colours for either purpose. Looks to follow!

A different kind of eye product - It's a Breeze Cooling gel eyeshadows ($5.49) in Aqua Forever (top) and Chamomile (bottom).

Definite brownie point with the pencil format, easy to use and carry around. Just need a sharpener :)

The 2 colours I got are both in the pastel colour family, hence work better as base. On lazy days though, I did wear them by themselves just fine for about 6 hours with no creasing/ fading.

I can feel the slight cooling effect on contact, they will be great in the summer when it gets hot out :)

So Styli-Style has mascaras, and coloured mascaras at that.

Check out the Colorlash mascaras ($6.99) in Black and Blue - there are also Green and Purple if you want more :)

The cone-shaped brush is standard, easy to use. The colours build up on my lashes well, and do not flake during the day. I find these offer more volume than curl. I'll talk more about the mascaras in FOTD posts to follow.

The Sharp Eyes Liquid Dip liner ($5.99) has a felt tip, easy on newbies like me. This shade is Envy, a beautiful moss green (see a swatch below). I'll have a look to show you, of course.

Here are swatches of the eyeliner and the gel eyeshadows. That green in Envy is definitely eye catching, and the felt tip contributes to the application confidence I have.

The gel eyeshadows apply a little less intense than how they look but are beautiful still, took about 3-4 swipes here.

Aqua Forever is a toned down baby blue while Chamomille is a cool gold with shimmers.

For the lips, there are Lip Paint liquid lipsticks ($5.99). From top to bottom: Tres Chic, Cosmopolitan, Country Girl and Pink-a-Boo. They are supposed to offer shine of a gloss, with colour payoff like a lipstick.

The square tube stops them from rolling around, and the simple packaging is quite cute. The brush applicator is a bit messy at times but not hard to control.

They are all cream, and they are bright!

The colours go on easy, with a tiniest hint of stickiness. Pigmentation wise, they are not fully opaque, especially once you start spreading them on the lips. My lip colour still shows when I wear them.

These does have a sweet floral scent, not the  typical scent you generally find in a lip product. The scent does not linger but I do get a quick whiff of it once in a while.

The colours don't stay on through meals/ drinks, so I have to reapply. They are not drying, quite comfortable to wear. If you are a fan of sheered-out lip colours, give these a try.

So far, Styli-Style does quite well with their products. I like the colours in the loose eyeshadow and liquid lipstick lines, but there is room for improvement with fallout control and opacity. The brand is available at Lawtons or Farleyco online.

Check out the FOTD I did to see the products on :)


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