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NOTD: Finger Paints Spell Binding

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I sure was in for a big surprise when I swatched Finger Paints Spell Binding from my Boxing Week haul.

In the bottle, it looks like a deep red with multi coloured/ holographic glitters throughout. On the nails, it is matte and textured but still maintains the glittery look. How does that all work? I don't know, but I am super impressed.

Once I realized Spell Binding was a texture, no top coat came near it. The colour was pigmented enough with one coat, but I did need to touch up a few spots where I did not pay enough attention to the texture and applied it hastily.

Nowhere on the bottle notes this special effect the colour has. Turns out, the whole Enchanted Winter collection from Finger Paints are textures with glitters. I figured not all bloggers are smitten with textures, which might be why the collection didn't get featured enough.

I personally couldn't get enough the glittery shine on top of the textured matte base, so I went back for Winter Chill. Couldn't find Sparkle in the Sky, which to me is the best shade among them, a lighter cousin of OPI Alcatraz ... Rocks :(

You definitely have to look at Spell Binding in closeup as it is that beautiful!

Finger Paints got it right with this collection, and have you gone out and grab a few flakies from their latest Kaleidoscope collection? The display is small, only has about 2-3 bottles of each shade.

There will be a BOGO deal on Finger Paints next month (already online if you are in the US, shipping to Canada is not worth the saving), by then the collection would probably be gone for good. I won't recommend waiting :)

So, Halifax is done with another blizzard yesterday. Snow drifts are horrible in my back driveway, so shoveling won't be fun. Oh my (old) back! :)


  1. I wonder what's up with red? Zoya's Chyna looked really jellyish, too. Looks like I'll be checking out my Sally's tomorrow to see what I can find. ;)

    1. The funny thing is I don't normally wear reds lol. Good luck hunting!

  2. Ohhhh this does look pretty. I love that it is slightly see through...don't have that in my stash. But I posted about That's What I Mint today as well (wooo we great minds think alike lol) and it has holo in it...and basically I am obsessed. Will check out my Sally's to see if they still have it as part of their clearance :)

    1. You got me thinking about (and maybe hunting for) Nicole Gumdrops now :)