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Sephora Cheek-to-Cheek brush duo

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Take a look at this sparkly hot pink beauty of Sephora Cheek-to-Cheek Blush Bronzer duo.

The packaging is definitely the first thing I noticed about this item. Not only the brush handles are sparkly and bright with hot pink glitters, the box also has multi-coloured glitters all over. It would make a great holiday gift for a girl in your life, or yourself.

The brushes themselves aren't bad either. They are full sized - a little long to travel with but it can happen :), also quite soft and fluffy. They stand out in my brush holder among others.

Here they are out of the box - the bronzer brush on the left and the angled blush brush on the right.

I like the plastic mold that keeps the brushes in place, both for presentation purpose and for protection. The brushes fit tightly in the slots, the bristles won't come into contact with the packaging for any chance to be bend or damaged during transit.

I don't have many brushes from Sephora, other than the Holiday Light Show set, but I like them all so far, for different purposes :)

The angled blush brush has joined my bdellium tools 942 Slanted contour brush as my blush brushes of choice, especially for cream blushes. It works well and does not shed during the testing period of a few weeks.

The bronzer brush is a little too flared out to work as it is intended for (unless you squeeze the bristles to make a thin-looking brush), so I use it with powder to set my under-eye concealer and it's good for that.

So the brushes are not out of this world but they are good for what I use them for, and the glittery handles seal the deal. Again, at the $29 price tag, they aren't the most reasonably priced brushes but they did go on sale for $22 (for a short time before they went OOS). I am hoping you can still find them in store or they might be back in stock online.


  1. O_O So pretty. So so so pretty.

  2. these are super pretty! although in my ideal world all my brushes would match and handles like this would drive me mad. I usually apply cream blush with my fingers, so I could use a brush like this.

    Do you ever indicate or mention if something is a pr sample? The way you talk about these it didn't sound like you bought them, but it also doesn't say you didn't. Obviously your blog and you can do whatever you'd like, I have been following/commenting for awhile and really enjoy it, but wondered so hopefully you don't mind me asking.

  3. Zoe, I used to disclose in every review, but it did skip my mind recently. Though I don't see the difference in my reviews whether the products are bought or sent, but I will make a mental note to not forget the disclosure. I appreciate the comment :)

  4. I definitely don't think it impacts your opinion, you always come across as pointing out positives and negatives which is part of why I really like your blog, but nice to know what the policy is. :) Thanks!