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Face mask haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The little thing on my shopping list when I get home was sheet masks, as I don't have access to many and they are so popular here. Etude House seems to have the best selections, so I went and hauled a few things to try.

Etude House has a mask for almost each and every part of your body lol - from face to elbow, feet or just a pimple on the face. Pretty neat!

What I got:
- I Need You mask in Tea Tree (from the Alphabet line - they have a mask with main ingredients started by every letter in the Alphabet), about $2
- Essence mask in Hyaluronic acid, $2
- Princess 3D mask in Ginseng (3D means these masks cover it all from the forehead all the way down the base of the neck), $2.80
- AC Clinic Intense mask (from the acne care line), $3.70.

I was very excited to see Etude House put their single masks in boxes of 20's, with a format like a wipe pack, for about $16.

At the moment, there are only 3 types:
Aloe & Hyaluronic acid (soothing and hydrating), pictured
- Pearl & Vitamin C (brightening), and
- Royal Jelly & Collagen (anti-aging) - I think I'll go back for this one.

So far I have used 3 of the Aloe masks and I am liking them. Not sure if it's the hot weather but they dry up after about 20 minutes on, shorter time frame than other face masks I tried in Canada. I store the box in the fridge so it is a refreshing and cooling experience every time :)

Etude House seems to have other 20-pack boxes with masks from the Skin Essence line in Red Ginseng & Collagen or Yeast & Vitamin C but not here yet.

This next item is not beauty (or mask) related, but is too cute not to share.

We went to get a customized pillow made for Squirt and they had some plus hand warmer pillows out for about $9 each. Minion (renamed Bananaaaa by Squirt) came home with us. He's perfect, only missing a few strands of hair at the top of his head lol.

Here is Squirt modeling him for me. She has an intense tan for being at the beach every day for a week straight. Benefit of a vacation I guess. Me, I haven't made it to the beach yet but have had so much good food that I gained 2 pounds already lol.

Makeup here is either dirt cheap with no-name brands or overpriced (L'Oreal, Revlon, Bourjois, etc.). Only Maybelline remains a drugstore brand but selections are really really sad. Don't think I'll buy anything other than masks.

Online shopping wise, I has been outrageously good - passed all Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales except 2 Alex cabinets from IKEA free ship offer. Only yesterday I shopped Cult Nails' warehouse sale, with a pending Sephora haul to use my VIB Rouge $20 off. Did you get anything good lately?


  1. Glad you had a good vacay, super cute pic of Squirt! I was fairly good this Black Friday season - only caved and got a Julep polish because it was $1. Then, of course, I made the mistake of visiting Lawtons trying to track down OPI It's Frosty Outside and stumbled on the Maybelline Brocades collex....on sale! I snapped four up at $2.70 a bottle.

    1. Thanks Norma, super jealous of you finding the Brocades for cheap :)

  2. OMG I love face masks. Easy pampering. I should have one around here somewhere...hehehe That minion pillow is too cute.

    1. Asia is heaven for masks, let's have a mask on together :)

  3. Superstore on Joe Howe in Halifax has a display of e.l.f. Cosmetic (have never seen e.l.f. there before!) limited edition holiday gift sets. I picked up the Studio Endless Eyes Limited Edition eyeshadow palette in "warm" (lots of neutral/nude shades). Only $8.99 for a 32 shadow eye palette and no tax is this weekend too!

    1. Aww I missed tax free again, great time to grab those palettes :)

  4. Squirt is so grown up since I last saw her! awwwww :D anyway love that hand warmer idea, so cool :P

    1. My family said so too, I see her every day, hard to notice any changes :) I might have to get another Minion so me and Squirt don't fight over him lol