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NOTDs: Claire's Flashing Lights

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have worn this nail polish 3 times since I showed it in the Weekend finds post 2 weeks ago. Couldn't help it, it was so much fun :)

This is Claire's Splatter nail polish in Flashing Lights with beautiful mini/ medium/ large hexa and bar sky blue glitters, in the mix with small hexa white glitters.

I have fallen off indie nail polish because of shipping cost, was glad to see the Splatter line at Claire's. 7-8 shades to test the water (I heard there might be more coming), with fun colour combinations.

Since Flashing Lights has a clear base, I experimented it on top of different colours, options become endless :)

The base in the first pic is La Couleur Couture (lacc) 2011, a soft butter yellow with fine shimmers. The brand is based in Vancouver, I'll have more NOTDs of it up soon.

The second base on the left here is Sinful Colors Show Me The Way, an olive green that flashes old gold.

Both were done with 2 coats, not fully opaque to show the glitters in depth.

Check out the closeups below, 2 manis side by side and the gorgeousness of the glitters inside the bottle! I love this blue, I really do. Don't mind my nail shape and length, crappy post move condition :)

Which base do you like better? What would you pair Flashing Lights with?


  1. I like the lighter base. Might be the fact that they are both on the pastel side, which appeals to me~

  2. Oh my goodness I have to find this!! :D

    1. Claire's has quite a bit of stock on these, so they won't be hard to find

  3. Very cute. I like the base on the left best :)

  4. oh wow this glitter is SO cool! Love it! I do like the left one best as well.

    1. I'm onto the pink version of it now. It's a neverending story lol