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Big Day Downtown I

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Big Day Downtown adventures are back, with 3 choices of challenges following the "Experience It All" theme this year. Hungry? Read on, as I am talking about our Sunday food coma at the Seaport Farmers' Market (where my Fun and Social challenges happened).

Yes, I featured the market in last year's Big Day Downtown but with more than 250 vendors, I hardly scratched the surface. It was also the last day of the Sausage Fest, so I had to make it there.

I was starving (skipped breakfast), had to grab some brunch first thing.

I went for a Garden Party wrap at Wrap So D (the stall with fun name and a singing chef). It's pretty much an omelette in a wrap - scrambled egg, veggies and cheese. Quick and easy, delicious.

It was too early for lunch menu at Nomad Gourmet truck, so Squirt chose the fried egg and harsh brown breakfast. It was a little on the greasy side, we should have waited for chicken waffles and banhmi lol. The BBQ Pork bun (can't remember the stall's name) was nothing special either.

Now the exciting part of the Sausage Fest that day, the Super Hawaiian dog from Halifax Footlongs :)

Very interesting combination of a foot-long hotdog, cold pressed pineapple, bacon from Getaway Farm and chipotle sauce/ mayo. It comes with an umbrella too.

The vendor was fun to talk to, and he took the time to explain the dog to me and helped Squirt pick a sauce that was not too spicy. According to him, the cold pressed pineapple was done in a way that it would not hurt the back of your tongue, not easy to find in Halifax.

Ready to see the fun treats we bought?

2 cups of gelato from Fox Hill farm - raspberry and chocolate for Squirt (left), peanut butter and pistachio for me (right).

In the middle is the chocolate croissnut from Maritime Pasty Co., Halifax's version of the famous cronuts (half croissant, half donut) treat. Only available in the weekend, these sold like hot cakes :) I liked the flaky texture but found the custard filling was a little too much with the chocolate on the top. Fun to finally try it out though. While Squirt and I were sharing this, a lady came up and asked where I bought it. There was probably none left at the stall :)

And to go, we got an assorted selection of macarons from Gourmandises Avenue Chocolaterie. They looked so good, I couldn't resist. Later realized that they taste better after being refrigerated :) Flavour wise, some stood out (coffee, peanut butter, lemon), some tasted similar to each other, creamy and sweet (raspberry, strawberry, pistachio, etc.)

If the croissnuts are still in your mind, here's a picture from Maritime Pasty's FB, showing the chocolate and lemon varieties.

The weather was great that day, we had a really nice time sitting on the roof top patio, enjoying the view of the water (and food). Just wish we lived closer to the market, regular weekend morning visits would do us good.

We didn't get any produce this time, so we will be back, Seaport market! :)


  1. Definitely an adventure!! Glad we're having dinner soon, your pictures are making me hungry. ^_^

  2. Nomnomnom, this is definitely my kind of post! Haha, looks like you enjoyed yourself :)

    Priya xoxo

  3. oh dear...the footlong looks great but I have this thing about using pineapples in food! lol I always pick them off my pizza. Anyway those food pictures look great! Unfortunately I am reading this at now I'm hungry but other than that yum~

    1. Lol really? Then you can pick a footlong of other types of dogs. Sorry to make you go to bed hungry :)