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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Here we are, another Monday. I had a really busy weekend, got a few goodies and found an exciting display to tell you about.

Shoppers had 40% off Quo brushes on Saturday. What surprised me this time was LE brush sets were included in the sale, not the norm but I am not complaining :)

The Touch of Pearl set from the Edge of Opulence collection (left, reg. $55) has white pearl-infused bristles, opalescent white handles and rose coloured ferules.

9 brushes: foundation, concealer, blush, powder, all over shadow, crease blender, shadow smudger, liner/brow and lip. The bag is in the same colour tone, with metal mesh on the outside. Very pretty!

The Butterfly brush set (right, reg. $50), with turquoise handles with butterfly prints all over, black bristles, gold coloured ferules, and a turquoise bag. 8 brushes: foundation, concealer, blush, shadow definer, crease blender, gel liner, liner/brow definer and lip.

At Winners, I found Misa Wanderlust display, with a lower price tag than my previous finds from this brand ($4.99 vs. $5.99).

This collection was beautiful, would not hurt at all to get all shades, but I limited myself to three. From L-R: Frozen in Time, Taking Chances and Live without Knowing. The names are beautiful too, don't you think?

The leopard background, if you are curious, are the Fancy Feet 3/4 shoe insoles/ cushions, reg. $6.99, on clearance for $3. Also come in black and nude. They aren't Dr. Scholl's but are delicate looking, great for high heels.

I also got some random non-beauty products, but are beauty related - a 12-inch non-skid turntable ($6.99) and a large non-skid shelf organizer ($5.99), both from a brand called COPCO.

Both items are made with sturdy plastic, the rubber layer provides extra protection for whatever you put on top :) I got  these to organize my precious nail polish on my computer desk - only those that I use often, like layering glitters, holos, matte top coat, top and base coat, etc. or those shades I want to try sooner than later.

My melmers are overflowing, and I have to take care of that soon but for now, I'm happy to get my desk look a little less like a nail polish dumpster :)

I could not miss The Body Shop sale this weekend. 3/ $30 I had seen before but not 4/$40 or 5/$50, great when I had a few lemmings or backups to pick up.

I got:
- SpaFit Firming & Toning gel cream massager ($30)
- Shimmer Cube #22 (with Pure Turquoise, Mint Green, Silver Grey and Forest Green eyeshadows, $22)
- Amazonian Wild Lily EDT from the Voyage collection (reg. $25) and
- Honey Bronze Shimmering dry oil ($22).

I couldn't use the March $15 off $40 coupon with this sale but had $25 credit at 8 LYB points and 10% LYB, so I didn't have to spend a lot out of pocket. A good haul overall.

At Lawtons, I found the Maybelline (LE) Color Goes Electric display which was not available to Canada originally.

The bad news is we only get almost half of the collection:
- 2 of the 3 baked blushes (Coral Burst and Wild Blossom), reg. $9.99
- 3 of 4 Eye Studio eyeshadow quads (Natural Shock, Violet Volt and Striking Blue), $11.99
- 2 of 4 Vivid lipsticks (Pop of Cherry and Electric Fuchsia), $9.99
- 2 of 6 High Shine glosses (Striking Peach and Punch of Pink), no price sticker yet
- 2 of 4 Master Drama liners (Purple Punch and Midnight Master), $9.99
- Some eyeshadow brushes.

I'm happy to get Pop of Cherry lipstick but sad to miss a cool purple gloss called Mirrored Plum. No Color Show nail polish in this release at Lawtons but I spotted a separate display at Shoppers.

How was everyone's weekend? We spent some good time at Burger week (see some highlights below), even went skating at the Oval (our outdoor rink) on its last day of the season. I didn't fare too well, fell on my butt even, but Squirt had fun.


  1. even though we don't get all the shades, I'm still happy to see that Maybelline collection! That orange blush will be mine!! :D

    1. Yes, the blush is a key piece of this collection, IMO :)

  2. Amazing! I've been looking for a color similar to Sinful Colors Zeus! Thank you for posting. May I ask which Winners you found the Misa set in?

    1. No problem :) I found these Misa at Winners Micmac mall

  3. Thank you!! And I have to say I just love your blog (well I think I may have said that before? :) ) It's so nice to find a local beauty blog instead of seeing amazing products but knowing they're in the states or feeling like I have no chance of easily finding them here.

    1. I am happy to see local readers and to be helpful with my posts to you all. Thanks for letting me know :)

  4. Lazy susans are the best thing to have ever happened to organizing, EVER.

  5. great haul. I have a tray with many levels by oxo for my spices and I love it.
    I cannot believe I didn't know about that butterfly set.

    1. Yeah, my next step would be the multi level things lol It's still not too late to find the butterfly collection

  6. I am just waiting for a sale, and then I will be all over the Maybelline vivids. I've never been particularly grabbed by any Maybelline products, but I love those.

    On a side note, have you seen the Revlon SS 2013 special displays anywhere yet?

    1. Definitely, I need a sale too. You meant the Pacific Coast collection? I don't know we even get it or not, haven't seen it :(