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Forever 21 Shoe Capsule collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yep, we're talking shoes today, but there's a specific reason for it :) Forever 21 has just launched the Hologram Capsule collection (I am jumping up and down right about now). The link is for the Canada site but you can easily find them on the US site too.

Last week when I found out about these, I was really disappointed that they weren't available on the Canada site. Today they are just posted, selections are more limited than on the US site (of course). All links in this post are non-affiliated, and if it doesn't show the right country, you can click the flag at the very top to change it.

At the time of this post, there are:
- three colour options for pointed hologram pumps (Gunmetal - pictured, Silver and Rose), CAD29.80 vs. USD24.80. Those who wanted Stella McCartney $760 holographic faux leather pumps (according to Maria from Cult Nails), you can smile now with this dupe :)
- three for hologram ballet flats, CAD19.80 - all 3 are on the US site, USD16.80, and
- one for hologram trim wedge sandals, CAD35.80 vs. USD29.80.

UPDATE: A few hours after I posted this, more items have been added to the site for Canadians, we now also have the hologram T-strap sandals, platform pumps, etc. Forever 21 items go on sale pretty often, but I can't say if these will be around long enough to get to the sale section. Your call :)

Shipping cost for Canada site:
- CAD8.95 for orders up to CAD25
- CAD10.95 for between CAD25.01 - CAD50
- CAD12.95 for between CAD50.01 - CAD59.99
- Free for orders of CAD60 or more.

Shipping on US site:
- USD5.95 for orders up to USD25
- USD6.95 for between USD25.01 - USD49.99
- Free with orders of USD50 or more.

Writing all the prices down makes me realize how much extra Canadians have to pay to get the same item(s) :( I want to get the pumps, the only thing is 4.75" heels (with no platform) aren't very easy on my weak ankle. Ultimately, I can't pass on anything holo, so we shall see. If any of you guys get these, let me know how they wear, please!


  1. i hope they post the rest on the cdn site as well would love a pair of sandals!