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NOTD: SOPI I Think I Cayenne

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Am I cute or am I cute today? Lol, it's cheesy but I kinda like it! This is Sephora by OPI I Think I Cayenne from the Tinsel Town Collectors set. I like it a lot more on the nails than in the bottle, and it is even crazier in the sun.

This is one coat! If you want more shimmers, add another coat.

The dots are from the neighbours in the palette - Sephora by OPI Read My Balm, A True Romantic and S-Age is Just a Number. I chose to do subtle dots by not dipping the dotting tools in a lot of nail polish.

All colours wore really well, minimal tip wear at the end of day two.

This is in the shade with the sun rays hanging around very near to my hands, which explains the glow of the gold and orange shimmers near the top of the pic.

I Think I Cayenne calms down without the sun, don't you think (pun intended). This is how it appears most of the time, but if you are in the sun, maybe give a little warning to people you are with to put on sunglasses lol.

Still a pretty orange, with all the crazy colours around (on top of) it, sun or no sun. Not what I would typically pick for myself by the look in the bottle, but I was surprised by it.

Moving a little further into complete shade, the shimmers are visible here and there, just not full blown. Almost as fun as a colour-changing nail polish - more subtle indoor and fiercely bright outdoor.

Anyway, I think I Cayenne was a surprise, I enjoyed it more than I thought. I am more excited to get to other colours in the set now, hoping for more surprises.

Day 3 of the vacation, I'm wearing a funky mani, will probably post it soon. Short report: I ate every two hours here, since Mom was so eager to feed me lol