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Black Friday hauls

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Geez, has Canada ever been more crazy with Black Friday sales? I think not. Two big malls here both had sale events, lots of stores and sites have their own "little" promotions and I could not escape lol.

First thing I did Thursday night was getting on Sedona Lace site for their 50% off sale.

I have wanted the Midnight Lace 4-pc Synthetic Brush set for a long time but $50 was not really in my price range. This sale was the perfect time to get it, and I got free gift (a palette with a brush which I heard was ran out later in the day).

Shipping for Canada was $7.45 (for 2 sets), I used the $4 off coupon code so it wasn't too bad. All in all, it was a great score.

I'm going on vacation soon, won't be here when the brushes arrive, so stock pic will have to do. You probably all know what they look like by now :)

The Body Shop 3/ $30 sale was not held very often, and for items that cost more than $20 regularly, $10 a piece was certainly better than a 50% off sale. And to top it off, they offered the 2 gift sets for $25 with a $30 purchase, so it was irresistible.

A representation of mostly what I got:
- Nutriganics Drops of Youth (left), reg. $36
- Natrulift Firming serum (right), reg. $36
- Extra Virgin Minerals cream compact foundation in 208 Golden Vanilla, reg. $25.

In the background is one of the two gift sets that were offered for $25 (valued $62). Inside this one were body butters and shower gels (2 full sized and 2 mini sized). The smaller set (not pictured) has a shower gel and a puree body lotion (both full sized). Great value, good as holiday gifts.

The coupon printed at the bottom of the receipt this month is $15 off $40, but cannot be combined with the Black Friday deals.

And talking about The Body Shop, I found some random body butters and gift sets at Home Sense, not sure it was just a one time thing.

- Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Body balm, $6 (reg. $24). This is one of my favorite (discontinued) scents from The Body Shop

- Midnight Bakula gift set, $20 - with a body wash, a body butter, a body mist (all full sized) and a 50ml EDT, also a discontinued scent. I can't tell the regular price of this set but assume it would be at least in the $40 range

- Batiste Brunette dry shampoo duo pack (200ml x2), $10. I don't know if we get this particular scent/ colour in drugstores here but Batiste normally retails about $7-$8. I only see the Brunette and the Blonde versions at this particular Home Sense.

The Bay offered extra 15% off your purchase on Saturday morning, on top of all the sales going on, and I had a $25 saving card to use.

I took full advantage of Material Girl 30% off clothing sale to get some skinny jeans - floral, snake skin and baroque prints, reg. $39 a piece.

Expression and Material Girl jewelry lines were 40% off, and I couldn't be happier to get this textured gold chain necklace (reg. $12), something I have wanted to get forever. Also comes in silver, if anybody wants one.

After all discounts and saving card, I save about 50 - 60% off these items, then received another $25 saving card to use on the next purchase. See the cycle, lol?

At my beloved Shoppers, I walked right into the Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part II) display.

I did not hold my breath before that Canada will actually get this collection, considering we have not get a special display from Essence for a long time.

The nail polish I got, from L-R: 01 Jacob's Protection, 02 Alice had a Vision - Again and 04 Edward's Love, $1.99 each. I passed on 03 A Piece of Forever, a foil gold.

Also grabbed both the lip glosses: 01 Alice had a Vision - Again and 02 Renesmee Red, $2.49 each.

This is a LE collection, and our price point is the same as in the States, so don't pass it up. Each shade only has about 3 pieces on the display, once they are gone, they are gone!

Lastly, this was not a sale but is a good deal nonetheless, thought I should let you all know.

When Jill over at Batting a Lash tweeted about Costco (Canada) having the EOS 4-pack lip balms for $10 a few days ago, I asked a friend with the membership to grab me a pack or two. These little spheres retail around $4 - $5 a piece normally.

One flavour combo, I think - Summer Fruit (red), Honeysuckle Honeydew (green), Sweet Mint (baby blue) and Strawberry Sorbet (pink).

I'm happy that I didn't go too crazy with Black Friday sales, but the offers out there were just insane. And now they start all over again for Cyber Monday. I don't think I would bring out my wallet again, but if you find any good deals, feel free to leave me a comment, please and thank you!


  1. I couldn't pass out the Sedona lace offer too! :)
    Got some really nice brushes but now I'm angry I didn't get more of them hehe.
    Really love the Eos offer, wish we had them here.

    1. There'll be more sales after Christmas, I hope :) EOS is quite hard to find, I don't blame you

  2. I also couldn't pass out on the sedona lace Black Friday deals. I got the Midnight Lace 4-pc Synthetic Brush set as well. So excited can't wait til they get here...
    didn't have that extra $4 coupon :( but it was a great deal nonetheless.

  3. I've seen some Body Shop stuff at Winners -- there was a hand cream set (Rose hand cream, nail file, clippers) for $10, and I believe something else. Pretty awesome finds!

    1. Oh so TBS makes it everywhere then :) When they are at Winners or Home Sense, price is a lot better

  4. When are you leaving?

    Mom went to Costco on the weekend, and I COMPLETELY forgot to ask her to check out the EOS. Ah well... maybe next time :P

    1. I'm taking off Friday :) Hope the EOS is still there next time your mom goes to Costco

  5. I haven't tried Sedona Lace but I know people rave about it. Tell me more....

    I also didn't go to the Body Shop. I am not too pleased with them lately but I will tell you why offline.

    Now the homesense items-that is a seriously great find!

    1. The set I got is similarly to Sigma's but the colours are much prettier :) And yes, I was very happy at Home Sense