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Make Up Academy haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My pretties came in a day or two ago, from the Make Up Academy (MUA) sale I told you before. For a UK company to offer 25% off and free international shipping, it was almost unheard of. I was glad I jumped on it.

The package came in a bubble envelope, with products inside individually wrapped. I'm just glad none of the eyeshadows broke.

Eyeshadow palettes were £4 originally, cost me CAD4.80 each after discount and exchange rate.

First row: Dusk till Dawn and Poptastic
Second row: Heaven & Earth and Undressed.

These look even better IRL, I am telling you, good size (9.6g), with sturdy cases and fabulous colour combinations. They also have plastic wraps all around the cases, no contamination :)

Needless today, Undressed is what I want to dig my brushes in first, Urban Decay Naked dupe or not!

I also grabbed a few other things from the brand to try out:

- Love Hearts lip balm in Kiss Me, £2 (cost me CAD2.40), just because it looked cute

- Nail polish #15, £1 (I paid CAD1.20). I didn't see many swatches of their nail polish, just got one to test the water

- Lipsticks £1 (I paid CAD1.20) - #1, 2. 3. 8, 12 and 13. MUA's lipsticks have been braved about a lot on youtube. But isn't it about time to give all the products names instead of numbers?

I haven't had the time to try anything yet, unfortunately. Did you get anything from the sale, tell me! MUA is gearing up for 30,000 FB fans to launch another offer, I hope it's good :)


  1. Still waiting for my first order to arrive. I got 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, foundation and the Glamour Nights Palette. I also ordered lipstick, but my shade was out of stock. I'm waiting for MUA to hit 50k FB fans, free shipping and 50% off sounds great :), although the other promotions until then don't sound bad either.

    1. Hope your order arrives soon, they did post on FB that shipping was delayed a bit. I regret not getting any face product. 50% off would be amazing lol

  2. ugh I wish I knew about that sale! I've gotta keep my eyes open more for the next sale. lucky that you got to order from it!!

  3. I got my package yesterday. I ordered 2 of the MUA palettes undressed and heaven and earth... I like them both but wish there were more matte colors but you can't beat the cost and the free shipping... I also got 2 lipsticks, 2 lip-liners, the trio eye shadow and 3 single eye shadows.. Haven't tried everything yet except the trio eye shadows today... but lovin' all the products great pigmentation's so far..:)

    Thanks for the tip on this sale...

    1. Awesome and you're welcome :) I do hope they come out with a matte palette