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NOTD: American Apparel Neon Coral

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Another neon mani to show you today. I love the bright colour summer trend and fully embrace it.

This is another American Apparel from my haul last time - Neon Coral. To me, it looks more orange than coral, but is still lovely nonetheless. I added a matte top coat on the thumb and middle finger. The gloss gives an image of a juicy orange while the matte feels like a leather clutch kinda colour. I think I prefer Neon Coral matte.

The accent on my ring finger is Milani Gems, which looks a lot better IRL. I wore this the whole weekend, went as crazy as I wanted to :)

Second try on American Apparel, and I am equally glad how well the nail polish applied. I don't give the brand enough attention, and I hate the thin tall bottle shade, as they always fall over when I pull out the drawer they are stored in. But love the colour and quality.

We are having great weather today after a thunderstorm on Monday and rainy Tuesday. I did do some white and red nails for myself and Squirt for Canada Day but didn't take any pics. It was crazy hot that day (+30), we didn't last more than 3 hours outside.

Another shot angle, with the orange looking a little lighter than in the first 2 pics. That's it for neon nails.

Remember I told you about the shoe rack that I tried to build on Monday? It fell apart yesterday, I was so frustrated. I just need a space to store my shoes, darn it! And my cats haven't behaved their very best either. July doesn't seem to improve from a crappy June I had.

Hope you all have better luck with this summer, and happy 4th for those in the US. Love and hug your loved ones, and count your blessings. That's the only thing that motivates me right now.