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Semi annual sale roundups

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is a follow-up of the flyer deal post to update you with more details on the sales that are/ were going on.

When La Senza first announced their semi-annual sale mid last week, I went and found some great offers: 75% off, 50% off with additional 20% off, and just 50% off for bras, and 10 for $30 for undies. That was before the loyalty discount and $10 off $40 coupons.

Starting last Friday, the sale changed. Most of the "I Love Cotton" (reg. $19.50) are now $9.99, "Perfectly Me" (reg. $22.50 - $26.50) are $12.99, the "Hello Sugar" and "Beyond Cleavage" (reg. $42.50) are $19.99 each.

Also found my favorite The Lingeristas by La Senza Seamless Boyshorts in crazy neon colours with fun prints (reg. $8.50), now $4 or 10 for $30. Just a snapshot of the colours, and they are a lot brighter IRL. The colour names are super cool - Tipsy Lime/ Surfer Pink Explode Animals, Aqua Ice/ Hottie Pink Edith Dots, Hot Spot Botanical Flowers, etc.

Hope you find some great stuff with this sale (still going on). Styles and sizes vary among stores and online, as always.

For Bath & Body Works, I was hoping they echo the same sales in the US, and was a little disappointed that they didn't.

Selected Signature line scents were 50% off. I got Bali Mango, Rio Rumberry Glowing body scrubs from Spring release (reg. $14 each). There was no sign of Aruba Coconut. These were 75% off in the US, I heard.

The Forever Sunshine scent is being discontinued in stores, and was also 50% off. I didn't find the EDT, only got the Fine fragrance mist (reg. $14).

The best deal was 75% off on Select-a-Shimmer (Signature line) but I already stocked up on those a while ago.

Some fragrance mists with old packaging (reg. $12) were on clearance for $4 a piece, I grabbed Charmed Life and Paris Amour.

Selected candles were half price too (reg. $22.50). Squirt picked Bahama Fizz. I wanted to get some aroma therapy scents but they weren't part of this sale.

This sale is still on as well. Did you find/ get anything good?

Last find of the day was a surprise at Walmart. I walked by a little shelf with some pretty wedges, found these floral ones by g21. The style is called Porsha, $25.

The surprise was I didn't think Walmart carries such cute shoes, very trendy too (open toed, to add). And they are actually quite comfortable. And guess what, there was only one pair in my size left in the whole shelf, including other styles (solid colours - red or black). That's a sign right? I think so.

About other sales, I got some more bracelets off The Bay website during their 25% off F&F sale (only in the weekend) and some tights/ leggings with cute prints from the 10 for $10 sale at Claire's. Surprise, no makeup nor nail polish :) Come share your hauls with me.


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