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Vichy Norma Teint Anti Imperfection foundation

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's probably not new news that I am a big fan of Vichy Dermablend Corrective foundation. And when I heard Vichy Norma Teint Anti Imperfection foundation was made for a clean, matt, long lasting complexion, I have to try it.

Right off the bat, the stuff is non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, parabens free, with Vichy Thermal Spa water and Zincadone A to minimize imperfections.

According to Vichy, the foundation has ultra-fine pigments that are designed to remain evenly distributed upon contact with excess sebum for easy application without build-ups, and stays in place all day (8 hour hold).

Note that the name and packaging seem to be revamped, as it is now called Normaderm Teint on their website.

The tube has a tiny little tip, which is not typical but helpful, as the product is very runny. If it's any bigger, the liquid would run everywhere out on your hand.

The texture is very light, non greasy, with a pleasant scent (like that of a skin care product). It does feel like a tinted moisturizer that way (with better coverage), more than a foundation.

The wear is reasonable, up to 5 hours on me. I won't wear this when I expect my day longer than 8 hours, as touchups are necessary late afternoon. I also normally reach for this foundation when my skin is acting up, as I know it will be gentle.

This is my shade (matched in store) - #35 Sand. Shockingly pink, isn't it? I was so surprised first time using it when I realized it was darker than my regular shade of foundation. Blame store lighting! don't we all hate the light at the cosmetic isles?

I tried to blend the foundation out a bit on the right side so you can see how smooth it is.

This is Sand side by side with MAC NC37 Studio Fix Fluid foundation. Different much?

I was worried, as there are only 5 shades in this line and I don't know if I could find one that is lighter with less pink undertone. But I wanted to see the foundation on, luckily it turned out not too bad :)

Yes, my face looks a little darker than my neck but it is not terribly noticeable. I can get away with this shade in the summer for sure.

Bottom line: the foundation feels great on my acne-prone combination skin. It doesn't cake or feel heavy on. Coverage is light to medium, not full coverage unfortunately, so I still need concealer with it.

I'm not sure if it's supposed to be runny, or the one I got stayed under hot lights on the shelf too long and turned runny. But it works fine otherwise, so I don't mind.

As with Vichy Dermablend foundation, this Normaderm version also retails $29.95 for 30ml. Vichy is on sale quite often at Shoppers, so don't pay full price if you want to check it out yourself.


  1. I don't find your face looks darker at all! Looks like a good match to me.

    Do you find the foundation slides off? I have very oily skin and am wondering if this would work for me.

    1. It's funny how 2 different shades match my face, lol, I can't figure that out. The foundation doesn't slide off, but it wears off. I would suggest a matte primer :)

  2. Whoaaaa! The color look like they it has a completely different undertone!! Glad that it worked on the skin! I love Vichy's dermablend concealer, so this is something i have to try!

    1. The Dermablend line has great coverage, Normaderm is more for acne-prone skin. Hope it works out for you

  3. Hmmmm....will have to try and remember this if I go to the loreal sale in the fall! Something that would be fun to try out~

    1. L'Oreal sale has Vichy? That'd be awesome steals