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NOTD: Joe Fresh Neon Pink

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If it is not sunny where you are today, I am bringing sunshine to you. This is Joe Fresh Neon Pink, an awesome hot Barbie pink from the Spring collection but is perfect for way into Summer too.

This was taken under direct sunlight. The first day I wore this mani, it was really nice out. I snapped a few pics in the park, on the way to pick up Squirt.

To be honest, I picked up Neon Pink as it was quite lovely on the shelf, and different. I don't normally wear pinks, as you might know already, so I don't have many pinks in the stash. At first, I was not in love with this shade, but once I got a glimpse of it under the sun, I couldn't hate it. It is a pick-me-up kind of colour. Look at it!

And pick me up it did. I went home having a stressful day that day, decided to go crazy with a nail colour. It might sound silly, but I think it meant to be the last straw of positive thoughts that I can turn to when all other things fail. It just sits on my nails, smiling at me, how can you not smile back?

This was still under sunlight but through the glass window, by the way.

And the next day, I paired it with teal jeans, purple shirt and yellow sweater. Yes, I was having one of those days that I don't care what people think about what I wear.

You can see the accents better here, in the shade. On my ring finger is Claire's Chunky Silver. Besides the chunky glitters, this shade has multiple fine silver shimmers mixed in too, which lighten the Barbie pink to a baby pink. Really cute this way.

On all other nails, I had a coat of Maybelline Colorama in Pink Pinata on top. The flakies are a little picky, only show up under certain light angles, but they add jazz to the pink.

Do you see that the colour turned a little to the fuchsia side here? This is like multiple shades of pinks in one.

Back to Barbie pink again :) So, are you sold on Neon Pink yet? I couldn't decide which pic to leave out, so you see all four.

I'm finishing up at the conference today and head back home in the afternoon. Sad that I couldn't stay till the weekend for more good food and good company, but the kitties won't like to be left alone too long.

Those of you who haven't had kids and/or pets, travel places and have fun as much as you can before you are all tied up with responsibilities :) And those who have, it takes a lot more to make that happens, doesn't it?

Enough with me rambling on here, so you all have a great day, and count your blessings, like the Berenstain Bears :)


  1. Love that color! So bright and fun! :)

    1. It definitely is :) Even a little out of my comfort zone

  2. All I want is for JOE Fresh to change their bulky bottle! I have such a hard time using them:(

    1. It's probably hard for them to change now. Quite a few brands use this bottle shape, there must be a reason lol