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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

A quick post today to let you know some awesome deals I found in the weekend. While doing my Winners check, just in case another Cargo Mediterranean set shows up, I found ...

... Nubar Polka Dots (reg. 24, on sale for $20 on Nubar website vs. $17 at Winners), I was so excited.

Not a huge saving but I have wanted all 3 bottles for a while - White Polka Dot, Black Polka Dot, and Diamont top coat.

A few Korres products showed up on the shelf too. This must be "Boxing Month" at Winners, they have brought in so many new brands.

I got the Antioxidant Sunflower and Hydrating Evening Primrose Eyeshadow quad - Cool Collection (reg. $35, Winners' price $9). Each shade - Silver, WhitePlum and Purple - has its own lid, supposed to be long wearing and creaseless.

Also found a Korres Lip butter in Plum (reg. $12, I paid $4). There seems to be only one shade available.

Macadamia Natural Oil hair care products were at Winners for a long time but this Discover the Secrets of Healthy Hair gift set was on clearance for $36 (retails $99, Winners' original price: $70). I didn't pass it up:
- Rejuvenating Shampoo 300ml (reg. $21)
- Moisturizing Rinse 60ml ($6)
- Healing Oil Treatment 125ml ($39.95)
- Deep Repair Masque 250ml ($33)
- Healing Oil Spray 60ml (%14.50)
- Nourishing Leave-In Cream 60ml ($6.50), and
- A wide tooth comb.

Looks like the Healing Oil treatment is the most expensive by itself, already costs more than what I paid for the whole set. I'm happy.

There are some Smashbox from the Untamed collection (lip glosses, eyeliners, etc.), if you are a fan of the brand. Check out your Winners, you never know what you can find.

A side note: There is a great deal on Physician's Formula at Shoppers this week - 40% off sale plus mail-in rebate stickers on certain products which would end up costing you close to nothing. You'll need the stickers, the rebate forms from the brand's website, and your receipt to do the rebate.

A little math here for you:
- pH Matchmaker blush in Natural, reg. $17.99, after 40% off: $10.79, after $9 rebate: $1.79

- Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Felt-Tip Eyeliner + Serum in Ultra Black (this is the felt tip, not the thin brush), reg. $16.99, down to $10.19, $1.19 after $9 rebate.

Note that there are certain products with $6 rebate stickers but I think the rebate period for them has passed. So please check the list of current rebates to grab the right products in store.

Have a great first day of the week, everyone. I'm at a conference till Wednesday but will be thinking of good food and shopping most of the time :)


  1. I just saw that Korres palette at mine this morning but left it there because I didn't know how pigmented they were (I don't know a lot about that brand unfortunately).

    swatches por favor? :)

    1. I'm not sure I'll try the palette. Saw some swatches and only the plum is pigmented :(

  2. Nubar set!!!! DROOOOOOOOOOOOL!
    Nice finds

  3. OMG Nubar??? Slam, Vroom, off to Winners right now!!!!

    1. Good luck, do let me know if you can find it

  4. I have to check my Winners, the Korres products got me pretty excited!:)
    And thank you for the tips on Shopper's sale, I had the brush eyeliner/lash booster an I'm pretty curious about the felt tip one. The former didn't crease or smudge, but it would fade throughout the day. That's a 8-12 hour day though so I was pretty happy with it.

    1. I hope you can find the Korres, they do have some fun products. I didn't even know there was a felt tip liner until I saw it that day lol For the price, I guess I could try it out without regret

  5. omg I found the plum lip butter as well! such a good price. but that eyeshadow palette :O so nice! might stop by winners now ;D

    1. I keep hoping someone would find another shade of the lip butter, but yeah so far I only heard Plum. I'm not sure the palette is a good one, swatches aren't very pigmented :(