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NOTD: Claire's Cotton Candy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Don't know if you remember but there was a NOTD of Claire's Cotton Candy before on the blog. Fortunately, other than the fact that they are both scented nail polish, they are totally different - the colour, finish, opacity.

So this is a newer version of Claire's Cotton Candy. The pic is under natural light. The colour is a little lighter than IRL here but is still a lovely aqua/teal. Shades like this make me so happy just by looking at it.

Like all Claire's scented nail polish, the scent in this one is not overwhelming and fades gradually. I don't mind it at all, I like it when I get a light sniff of scent when my hand is near my face. And the icing on the cake: it dries matte, which was not mentioned anywhere on the bottle. Surprise!

This pic is with flash. On the accent nail is an extra coat of China Glaze Atlantis. The two colours compliment each other really well. Summer appropriate eh?

There are some reflective shimmers (almost holographic under strong light) in the bottle, but on the nails, they look silver. I guess the matte finish makes the colour look more dreamy, to my eyes, but doesn't do much for the shimmers. A trade-off, I guess. Am I asking too much? :)

Close up, in natural light again. See what I mean with the silvery and non-holographic shimmers here? Atlantis made it all better, but I mean Claire's could have gone an extra mile to make the shimmers more holo, couldn't they?

Holo affect aside, I am loving this shade. Another travel friendly colour to add to the short list I have for that purpose.

The bad news is Claire's had a few of these scented polishes in the 10 for $10 section a while back, which means they might not be on the shelf anymore. Sorry if you can't hunt it down, but if you can, rock it!

Have a great mid week, everyone. It's going to rain here until the weekend, but I'm hoping for a drier Mother's Day Sunday.


  1. nice manicure! i've never seen a glittery polish with a matte finish. i need to try some claire polishes

  2. That is surprisingly nice. Normally, I wouldn't be drawn to colours like this, but I love the way it looks on you.

  3. I cant deal with the name and the colour! lol they just dont match! but would be fun to eat cotton candy this colour xD

    1. Yeah, the colour is nice enough to get me pass the name lol

  4. I'm trying to resist the no-name version of these new scented ones that have shown up at Rite Aid--this one does look good to me, though.

    1. I'm a fan of scent np, and this colour works well. Love to hear how the No names work out, if you do get some :)