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NOTD: Claire's Cotton Candy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Ok guys, if you did some damage at Claire's during their $10 gift card promo last month, now is a good time to use the gift card ($10 off a $20 purchase, i.e. 50% off). My Claire's just started the 10 for $10 sale yesterday. If you get 20 items with this sale and use the gift card, the stuff ends up being 50 cents each.

This nail polish is part of a little haul I did: Claire's Cotton Candy scented nail polish.

If you didn't know already, Claire's did jump on the bandwagon with a few scented nail polishes, the sweet smelling kind. Retailed for CAD5.75 regularly, they weren't at the top of my shopping list, as I have enough scented Revlon already. But when they are in the $1 bin, it's a different story, right?

Among the 3 different shades from the scented line I got yesterday, Cotton Candy is the first colour I put on. And I love it! A beautiful sky blue colour with hexa and fine glitters in gold and blue. Very pretty.

One thing I prepared myself with is the sheer finish - as read on a few polish blog, and yes it is sheer. But somehow it works out really well in this mermaid mani, blue ocean water and fish scales, lol. This is 4 coats, same lighting with different angles.

If you click to enlarge the pics, you can see the glitters on the nails a little better. The colour is subtle enough for work, if nobody stares real close to your nails to see the glitters :) It's Friday, I don't mind going a little bold.

So, if you like a sheer mermaid mani, Cotton Candy does the job just fine. But if you long for a bolder look, layer it on top of a darker colour, maybe one in the same colour family with it.

Oh about the scent, it does smell like cotton candy, sweet but not overwhelming. The scent lingers for a good amount of time. I painted my nails last night, and now it's late morning and I can still smell the scent. I do prefer this than the typical strong nail polish scent, so it doesn't bother me. Do take it into consideration though, if you are sensitive to scents.


  1. For some odd reason, I much prefer nail polish smell to the scented polishes. I just find the sweet smell makes me queasy.

  2. any idea on how long does the smell last?
    anyway 10/10?! wweeee i have a GC for one of the shopping malls here, so maybe i will try and stop by. if not there, i will have to hunt the store on queen XD
    ps friend hasn't got back to me, i hope soon...sorry its taking so long!

  3. Perry, I understand. Sweet scents do bother lots of people. I don't like sweet anything in general, but this time it doesn't bother me :)

    Rasilla, it lasts quite long. I could still smell it 24 hours after application, if I bring my hand close to my nose :) Hope you can find some good stuff with the sale