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The Mortal Instruments

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Today would be a switch in topics. I didn't hear back about you guys' interest in a Joe Fresh giveaway, so I guess that idea is not a good one then. Let's talk about books instead lol.

I have been so into Young Adult's fantasy books lately. No, not the Twilight Saga, I'm afraid. I am still half way through the House of Night series (a nice twisted look on vampires), waiting to get the next book but I have found the greatest series ever to read - The Mortal Instruments. If you are looking for some new books to read, let me tell you about these.

First, The Mortal Instruments was supposed to be a trilogy, but when the author Cassandra Clare was writing the prequel to it, she had some new ideas for the 4th book, so it's gonna be a 5-book series now.

Second, I was so glad that the books aren't about vampires. Not that there's anything wrong about vampires, but I wanted something different to read. And boy, aren't these different? They talk about Shadowhunters, werewolves, fairies, warlocks, and angels (besides human and vampires), and how their worlds inter-twine. And then there's forbidden love, and passion. For this exact reason, I did not have any problem going through all 3 books (and anxiously wait to read more), even though they are big books - as thick as a dictionary, lol.

Third, the magic about runes and how Shadowhunters could draw them on themselves for different magical effects.

Check them out in the picture - click for larger view, if you desire :)

I love the Fearless rune, wish I could have one on me (not that I'm a Shadowhunter, lol) so I could be fierce in life. I am struggling with some potential changes in my life, maybe a rune would help me :)

Fourth, there were talks about making the series into a movie. How cool would that be, guys? I am crossing my fingers that would happen.

And lastly, there is even a jewelry line inspired by the series at Hebelmet on etsy - copyrighted of course. I might be crazy enough to one day get a Fearless pendant or a Heal ring for myself.

Don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't read the books, so I didn't go into details about the characters and what happened to them, but hope to give you some reading recs. If you have some for me, feel free to comment :)


  1. oh thanks! I'm always on the lookout for interesting new books to read, I've had a chick-lit and historical novels overload lately so this series sounds perfect! *heads over to amazon*

  2. oooh books~^^

    Ive been reading a lot of youth series, but once im done with that, this might be one to check out~ thanks for the rec

  3. Love this series and Jace/Clary.

    I have Clockwork Angel sitting on my HD, need to start it this weekend. Hopefully it's as good as the other books.

  4. hey you posted on smitas blog that "Zoya has never been interested in shipping here because they rely on Trade Secrets which is not country-wide"

    the trade secrets i go to which is seriously overpriced doesn't sell zoya =( i don't think I have seen anyone selling zoya here in vancouver.

  5. M, hope you like this series. It's very different and got me hooked :)

    E, try this one out, see how you like it

    Kat, it's funny that I love everything about Jace and Clary, including their names, lol

    Shortwidenails, too bad that Trade Secrets Vancouver doesn't have Zoya. The one in Toronto has Zoya, but the price is certainly not that great. I don't even have a Trade Secrets here, so Zoya is very out of reach

  6. I enjoyed the 'Mortal Instruments' series. It was recommended to me, then I made 2 others read them and so forth and so on. I cannot wait for the next book.. Which is slated for release sometime next year!!

    And Jace.. my my my my MY! That is all.

  7. i enjoyed the mortal instruments too... you should check out the hunger games trilogy...those are some great books!

  8. Delaynee, yay, another fan of TMI. You said it, Jace... my my my, lol

    Jessica, thanks for the rec. I'll check it out