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Winners finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Winners has become alive again with so many new beauty products, so this is a heads-up on what you might find in store.

A new shipment of Cargo products has just arrived, with the mini 7in7, eyeshadow quads and duos, Lash Activator, etc.
EDIT: the brand is on HauteLook the day after I posted this, so I now add price comparison too. I got a blush in Mallorca for $9 (vs. $12 on HauteLook, retails $29), Safari and Mediterranean sets for $15 each (vs. $18 on HauteLook, reg. $34).

The Safari set (Spring 2011) has:
- BeachBlush in Coral Beach (full size)
- Eye lining pencil in Khaki (full size)
- Eyeshadow duo with a gold and a khaki (full size),
- Lip gloss in Serengeti (mini),
- 3 Triple Action mascara (mini).

The Mediterranean set (Summer 2011) has:
- Blush in Mendocino (full size)
- Eyeshadow duo with a gold and a copper (full size),
- Better-than-waterproof mascara (full size)
- Lip gloss in Morocco (mini),
- Swimmables Waterproof Eye pencil in Teal (mini).
Both sets comes with a small makeup bag.

I only paid $12 for the Mediterranean set because the teal liner was missing. Don't know if I'll keep it, cause the liner is kinda the reason I wanted the set at the first place.

I also found new Stila products. The brand was just on HauteLook, so I do some price comparison.

- One Step primecolors $8 at Winners vs. $6 (or a set of 3 for $10) on HauteLook
- Convertible eye colours have similar price at both places (around $7-8)
- One Step foundation $13 at Winners vs. $8 on HauteLook
- Kajal eyeliner (I found Sapphire) $9 and Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner (in Koi and Silver Dollar) $8 at Winners vs. $5 on HauteLook.

Considering HauteLook's Canada shipping isn't cheap, it's probably still worth it to get Stila from Winners. I think I'll only keep the Smoky Eye (Platinum collection) Talking palette ($13) though. Any of you has this palette?

From Pixi, I bought:
- Lumi Lux Radiance powder in Peach Petal $10 - beautiful rose patterns, good size too
- Lip blush in Love $7. I saw this shade in Sam Schuerman's Valentine tutorial and has been wanting to get it.

Both these items were on HauteLook before, for $7 and $5 respectively, so yeah, we pay a little more in store. Do you feel like Winners is our HauteLook lately, with no shipping cost?

I don't think we have access to this brand much, though this is not the first time I saw it at Winners.

On to nail polish.

With Color Club, I found 2 new sets with no names, just "All About Color" sticker on the packaging, $15 each.

It looks like these bottles are randomly selected to put in sets. I have no clues on shade names for the first set, as bright colours could end up anywhere.

For the second set, the first 3 shades are from the Under the Mistletoe collection, which Winners had before. The second last shade looks like Covered in Diamonds. I don't think I would ever know all names for sure. Why do they do this?

And Jessica, which I notice a small display a while ago but didn't really look.

This time, I spotted Iridescent Eye and gasped. It is the exact dupe of Chanel Peridot, with the price tag of $6. How can I not get it?

Words are there are other Jessica shades that dupe Chanel colours, and they might even have better quality/ application. The nail polish section just got a little more exciting :)

I also found Color Club magnetics, LA Girls trios and some sets from random brands that I never heard of.

Skin care wise, I have been really into serums lately. I love how fast they sink into the skin, ready for moisturizer instantly.

I found H2O Green Tea Antioxidant serum (25ml, $10, was $36 before being discontinued last summer) and Sea Results Daily Defense serum (30ml, $15, reg. $60 on H2O website).

Looks like online reviews are more positive toward the Sea Results serum than the Green Tea one, so I might not keep both.

So, what is on your Winners radar now?


  1. Ooooh, I got the Stila Kajal in Pearl but they also had the Amethyst and Sapphire Kajal available. There was a Cargo Lipgloss set but none of the kits you found.

    Thanks for the update! I love these!

  2. Ooh I got that pixi powder too! It's just so cute... saw the cargo stuff as well, they're such great deals, but I wouldn't use all the products so I passed. Love winners!

  3. The top CC set is Poptastic, but instead of Chelsea Blue, it looks like Mrs. Robinson at the end (the darker purple one). :) I can't believe I passed up that Jessica polish though. I might have to go back and buy it!

  4. I am excited to visit a couple of Winners soon. Hopefully (fingers crossed, too) that I'll come by the Cargo sets. I want/must have the cute pouches the makeup comes in!!

  5. Annick, yeah, I passed on a few Stila items, still don't know I'm gonna keep all. Not big on lip products either :)

    SunYoung, a few people are still looking for Cargo :) Glad you got the Pixi powder

    Julie, thanks for the input. If they are Poptastic, I might not keep them. Decision huh?

    Ashley, good luck!

  6. they definitely are poptastic with the blue switched for mrs robinson. i want mrs robinson! haha.
    funny, i've seen two different new unnamed sets from color club but with shades i've never seen before mostly. stuff i can't name, and i know a lot of CC! hahaha

    today i picked up all of blossoming and take wing in winners but they came in 2-packs for 7.99. i had to get them despite them being more expensive than usual.

    1. If you can't tell the colours, I would never be able to lol. I saw the 2-packs but they aren't cheap in price comparison, so I passed :)