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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My very first OOTD post, blame the coloured denim trend! The weekend was sunny with bright sky, not as warm as it looked but Squirt and I had our "photo shoot" anyway.

This is the hot pink skinny jeans from Sirens. I have become a fan of this store when they feature latest fashion trends - coloured jeans and blazers, sheer chiffon blouses, colour-blocking fitted dresses, asymmetrical hemmed skirts, etc.

The jeans are surprisingly comfortable and stretchy enough to accommodate regular movements of my legs. I'm well... not tall (lol) so they are long on me. I have to fold them in a few inches for the flats.

The rest of the outfit:
- Black tank underneath a sheer top from Urban Behaviour
- H&M recycled wool blend cropped blazer
- Old Navy croc printed flats
- Nevada necklace from the Bay
- Earrings and rings from Claire's
- Chopard sun glasses.

What I used on the face:
- Cetaphil moisturizer SPF50
- Marcelle BB cream in Light to Medium
- Vichy Norma Teint foundation in Sand (review to come), no concealer
- Cover Fx Setting Fx translucent mineral powder in Light
- tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Charisma.

For the eyes:
- Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool
- Annabelle 4Show eyeshadow quad in Pop-Eye (using the lime green and aqua shades)
- Annabelle Custom quad single eyeshadow in Helium as brow bone highlighter
- Annabelle Smoothie eyeshadow pencil in Licoriche, smudged out on lower lash line
- Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner in Banana for inner corners
- Annabelle Le Big Show mascara in Black.

For the lips, stay tuned for the next post to find out :) It's exciting, I promise.

And as always, close-up on the eye makeup.

I have lots of respect for fashion bloggers to take OOTD every day. Squirt was my photographer and she didn't know the skill to angle up to make me look taller and all, but she's all I got lol. This was just our trip to the playground, I must be the trendiest mom there for the day.


  1. I for one LOVE this post! I do!
    I need to get me some colorful skinny jeans like YESTERDAY!
    how sweet that your little one took the photos! That totally warmed my heart and makes this post so much more special!
    Love it!

  2. You look great!! And Squirt is a pretty good photographer! Can I hire her for my blog lol? :)

  3. dang i need to go to sirens like.. right now! those jeans are awesome! lmfao i'm not tall either but your folding looks very discreet haha well done

  4. Love your bright pink denim! I need one of these for sure--I've been so late on the denim trend! The pictures are lovely and seems like your daughter did a great job taking pictures!

  5. Thanks Marta, you're so sweet

    Tuli, I tried lol

    Tracy, yes you can hire her but the $ goes to me haha

    SunYoung, Sirens has some great stuff lately, worth checking out. Sucks for shorties like us, folding is kinda a must :)

    Stephanie, it's still Spring so we are not late yet :) I'll let Squirt know you liked the pics she took

  6. You're so cute! I love it! Especially the crop blazer, skinnies and burnout top...I guess it's basically the whole thing! ^_^

  7. You look great! Make me want to rock colored denim, too :)

  8. Your first OOTD, yeah! Those hot pink skinnies are just fierce, I need some!

    1. I was nervous to put them on, but they are really awesome. Get some!